Gore-Tex + Cheek Augmentation

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Information on Gore-Tex Facial Implants (Cheek/tear Trough)

I have read all about Silicone and Porex/Medpor facial implants but had some question on Gore-Tex cheek or tear trough implants) How easy are they to... READ MORE

Considering exchanging Medpor cheek implants for Gore Tex. Which are safer? (photo)

Had Medpor orbital rim implants for 3 years. Thinking of changing them to Terino Malar Shell. Please confirm: 1. Medpor is difficult to remove if you... READ MORE

Permanent Fillers in the Future?

Hello I have had cheek implants (goretex) in the past, i had two operations due to assymetry with no success, unfortunatly Goretex is hard to remove.... READ MORE

Cheek augmentation with possible custom silastic/goretex implant and vertical face lift. What are my best options? (Photo)

So attached is where I'm at now after a doctor put in asymmetrical synpor implants 3 weeks ago nd then removed them 2 days ago along with several mms... READ MORE

How do I find a qualified doctor to remove (not replace) Gore-Tex cheek implants?

25+ yrs ago, I got small cheek implants. 4 years ago I had an infection; I recovered 100%, but one implant pocket got so loose, the implant shifted... READ MORE

Better to remove or secure loose Gore-Tex check implant? Doctor wants me to replace both implants, even the secure one?

I had Gore-Tex cheek implants placed >25 years ago. 4 years ago, a cosmetic doctor wanted to add some filler and one implant got infected. I recovered... READ MORE

Can Gore-Tex cheek implants cause biotoxin illness, which was misdiagnosed a month after surgery as fibromyalgia?

I had cheek implants done 13 yrs ago. Since then I've experienced some swelling on the left side of cheek off & on about once a yr. But, in a couple... READ MORE

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