Gaunt + Cheek Augmentation

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Best Way to Reverse Sunken Cheek Look Due to Weight Loss and Exercise?

Can losing body fat due to excessing working out and dieting cause sunken cheeks? If so, can it be somewhat reversed by putting weight back on? best... READ MORE

Best Procedure for Gaunt Cheeks?

I am 55, and have always been on the tall, thin side. I am healthy and into sports. My issue is that I have high cheekbones but the middle of my face... READ MORE

Facial Implants for Widening Gaunt Face?

I am interested in restoring my looks after a bad orthodontic experience that has changed my bone structure and soft tissues, making me look gaunt and... READ MORE

What is the Average Downtime for Cheek Implant Patients?

I am a slender blond with very fair skin. Age has robbed me of fat in my cheeks leaving me looking gaunt. How long will I have to be away from work? ... READ MORE

Very gaunt face makes me look like a drug addict. How can I go about filling in my lower cheeks? (Photo)

Hi I have a very gaunt face and its been affecting my life for a very long time now (6 years). I don't use any drugs and because of my gaunt face i... READ MORE

Cheek (Malar) and Chin Implants Not Right... Now What?

A month ago, I had cheek & chin implants to add fullness & correct my recessed chin. I have lost the ability to smile and, when I talk, my... READ MORE

Cheek implants? Or fillers? (photos)

I feel like i have a poor bone structure and when i lose weight i get a gaunt appearance .. I am 25 years old .. What can i do to acheive a stronger... READ MORE

I have a very skinny, gaunt face. How do I gain facial fat? (Photo)

As you see, hallows in my cheek, the lower part of my face overall looks very thin how can i gain facial fat? READ MORE

Am I a candidate for cheek implants? (photos)

I have always had very high, prominent cheekbones but after having upper jaw surgery 3 years ago, they've become far more pronounced. I don't like the... READ MORE

Cheek filler made me look even more gaunt what to do now?

I don't gain facial weight so had filler in the cheeks the injector concentrated on making my cheeks look higher, however the rest of my face now... READ MORE

I'm 44 and my face looks gaunt and neck is sagging. What minimally invasive procedures would help? (photos)

I'm planning to get a rhino revision & lip reduction and while taking pics today I realized how old I look! I'm wondering what I could do to... READ MORE

What all can sub malar implants fix?

I went for a consult initially for facial fat transfer but my plastic surgeon suggested sub malar implants instead? My areas of concern were the... READ MORE

Grooves on side of face after weight loss. (photo)

There is a groove on both sides of my face, see pic, that makes me appear gaunt and old. I used to have a full round face with chubby cheeks just 3... READ MORE

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