Fullness + Cheek Augmentation

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Sub Malar Cheek Implants for Fullness?

I am a female and i have a very long face. I do have prominent cheeks but not that much. But i lack volume underneath my eyes. So i was wondering if... READ MORE

What Procedures Will Make my Face Have More Definition? (photo)

Hello, I am 24 years old and I would like to achieve a more angular look but am confused as to what procedure(s) would help me achieve that. I am most... READ MORE

What Kind of Filler and Technique Do You Suggest to Create Upper Cheekbone Fullness? (photo)

I am a 50 year old woman. What kind of filler and placed how (with cannula? without?) would you recommend to create more full upper cheekbones. Thank... READ MORE

Are cheek implants good for HIV patients suffering from fat loss in the facial area?

I have HIV and from medications i have lost the fullness in my face. I have been using fillers and I would like to look maybe getting implants. My... READ MORE

What Style of Implants Should I Get for a Chiseled Look?

I am interested in getting small malar implants to add definitio and alleviate the slight fullness I have on my lower cheeks. But I am worried I will... READ MORE

Cheek fillers for a 20 year old? (photos)

I feel that the apples of my cheeks are lacking in fullness and it ages my face beyond my 20 years. What kind of fillers would be appropriate for... READ MORE

Would like to know more about Cheek implants. Cost? downtime?

Have had fillers in the cheeks. Injections of several popular products over the course of 2.5 years now. Costing a fortune since I metabolize it... READ MORE

Considering cheek fillers/implants? (Photo)

Im 20. I like how my cheekbones look at the side of my face but I feel like the cheekbone dissipitates too far from the nose. As in theres a lack of... READ MORE

I am desperately seeking to find a surgeon who can reduce the fullness of my lower right cheek. What can be done? (Photo)

I was in a car accident 10 years ago, broke my zygomatic-maxillary bone and had facial reconstructive surgery. The glass from truck completely... READ MORE

Can cheek implants be placed to ad fullness and roundness to the cheeks? (photos)

I have weak cheekbones, a strong mandible and gaunt cheeks. I would like a small implant to give more prominent cheekbones and an implant to fill in... READ MORE

Almost 28 and recently I noticed that there is less fullness in my cheeks when my face is lax. Have I aged prematurely? (Photos)

I tend to be quite hard on myself. Recently I have felt that the tissue on my cheeks and area under my eyes is not as tight. I was brought up wearing... READ MORE

Loss of fullness in cheeks. What is the best way to improve my appearance without having implants?

I'm 65 and have lost fullness in my cheeks causing sagging and lines around my mouth and chin. What is the best way to improve my appearance without... READ MORE

Augmentation available in India to get fuller cheeks?

Sir my age us 36 but looks like 40 due to cheeks went inside..let me have the name of augementation available in india to get fuller cheeks in 1 month READ MORE

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