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Cheek Implants for Under Eye Circles and Overall Facial Flatness?

I'm 28 now, and have had very dark circles under eyes since I was about 10, so I am fairly certain it is hereditary. I also have a very flat face,... READ MORE

How to Get Fuller Cheeks? (photo)

I just had a vertical facelift including a neck lift a couple of months ago. I am very satisfied with the result, but I was wondering if there is a... READ MORE

Best Way to Fill Apple of Cheek

Does fat transfer have long lasting results in the apple of the cheek? Does a submalar implant fill it up? Whats the best treatment, My cheeks are... READ MORE

Will Cheek Implants Give a Better Facial Structure?

I am 31 and I feel like I need a facelift already. My face is very flat and I look like I am starting to get jowls. Is it because I don't have enough... READ MORE

How Can I Restore my Cheeks 10 Years After Buccal Fat Removal? (photo)

I had *bolsas de bichat* removed (I think that's Spanish for buccal fat pads) a decade ago. Now I look completely different. My face is flat and... READ MORE

Flat, Masculine Cheeks - Am I a Candidate for Cheek Implants?

I feel like my cheeks are flat and lend me a masculine appearance. I am interested in getting cheek implants. I have attached two pictures of my face,... READ MORE

Cheek Assymetry Due To Face Scoliosis. What Are My Best Options?

Dear experts My thought is that i have a severe face scolliosis. In opinion of maxillo facial surgeons i have very flat cheeks paranasal and on the... READ MORE

Cheek Implant for Flat Face

I am 19 years old . It seem that I have no cheek and my face is really flat , is there anyway to have cheek or malar like image , it is about 8 mm... READ MORE

Round Face With Flat Cheeks. Looking to Balance My Face and Profile? (photo)

I do have a strong strait nose which I do not wish to change. I am looking for balance in my face and profile. When I smile I look like I have high... READ MORE

Do I Have Plagiocephaly? What Can Be Done to Reduce Forehead and Cheekbone Flatness? (photo)

I'm male, 18, and wondering what can be done about the flatness present on the left side (on the picture) of my face. I have minor muscular... READ MORE

Flat Cheeks After Accident

1 year ago I got into a car accident and had many facial cuts and fractures. I broke my forehead, nose, upper jaw and lower jaw. My entire face was... READ MORE

Will Small Malar Cheek Implants Alleviate the Fullness in my Cheeks?

I do not want the buccal fat becuase I know it causes premature aging, however I have flat cheekbones so I am considering small malar implants (for a... READ MORE

Chin Lipo Or Neck Lift And/OR Cheek Fat Transfer?

I am a 35 year old male. I have become increasingly unhappy with the lower half of my face. If I look down at all, I have a double chin. My cheeks are... READ MORE

Has sleeping on the right side of my face made it flat compared to the left side?

My cheekbone on the left side of my face is more prominent and bigger as opposed to the left side where it's 'flat'. I really hate this asymmetrical... READ MORE

Calcium Hydroxyapatite or Silicone Implants For Flat Midface?

Hi. I have a flat midface, paranasal retrusion etc. I would like to correct this, but i just don't know what would be better, silicone implants or... READ MORE

I have a flat face after zygomatic reduction surgery in Korea. Can I get my cheekbones back? (Photo)

I had surgery 8 months ago to get a smaller face and jawline. But after surgery I look worse than before and my face looks long and flat. The surgeon... READ MORE

Cheek Implant for 19 year old, Asymetrical, Flat Face

I am 19 years old boy with very asymmetrical face, also my face is very flat, seems that I have no cheek. is there any way to get prominent cheek with... READ MORE

What Are my Options for Changing the Shapes of my Cheeks?

I am a male and I have flat cheek bones but I would like to create a more angular and Narrowness to them is my only option cheek implants or would a... READ MORE

Cheek implants for flat midface? (Photo)

I'm currently in the process of planning orthognathic surgery (lefort 1 and trying to rotate mandible to a more horizontal plan, getting rid of my... READ MORE

Orthognathic Surgery or Cheek Augmentation?

I have seen 3 plastic surgeons who all were unable to offer me anything in regards to a rhinoplasty that would not make my nose worse, they all said... READ MORE

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