Fat Pads + Cheek Augmentation

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Options for Improving Fat Above Nasolabial Folds?

I'm 25, I've lost over 25 kg in the last year. My cheeks have sunken but the fat above the nasolabial fold has remained giving me an older,... READ MORE

"Fat Pads" for Lower Cheek Filler?

Is it possible to put "fat pads" in my lower cheek/jawbone area for a permanent solution to thin lower facial area? I am 52 and fillers are much too... READ MORE

Would Cheek Lipo Give Me Profile Improvement? Had Buccal Fat Removal and Chin Implant 4 Years Ago. (photo)

I had a buccal fat removal and chin implant (X large) in 2008, i am 30 now (asian). The fat pad that bothers me is below buccal fat area. One surgeon... READ MORE

Fat redistributed or fat pads have dropped?

When the mid cheeks flatten out permanently during a period of stress and droopiness forms at the corners of the mouth (mid 30s), has apoptosis of... READ MORE

Cheek implants instead of buccal fat pad removal to help a round full face appear narrow and slimmer? (photos)

Hello i am reconsidering buccal fat pad and wondering if cheek implants is a alternative to slimming and narrowing the face with a combination of... READ MORE

Are cheekbone implants suitable for me?

I've lost a lot of facial fat, which should be a good thing because it made my face look more lean, but unfortunately it also took away that midface... READ MORE

Can you reduce that area of the cheek? (Photo)

The area highlighted in red in the picture projects more (it's fatter or bulkier) on one side of my face than the other. It's rather obvious in 3/4... READ MORE

Cheek implant. It is possible that the implant pushed my natural fat pad down?

Before cheek implant when I smiled, although I had flat cheekbones, I still had high cheeks smiling. After surgery my cheeks will not go as high,... READ MORE

Why is malar/medial facial fat atrophy often treated with implants?

Facial fat atrophy should represent deflated and/or displaced fat pads and by following this, treatment should be fillers/fat grafting/lift to fix the... READ MORE

Had a nose graft in Hewlett NY. I woke with a free cheek lift. I never asked nor consented to it! What can I do?

Now I am left with very painful nerve damage on the left side of my face. The left side is falling while the other side looks firm and young. Also, my... READ MORE

What procedure is best for chubby cheeks, undefined jaw and fat pad under chin? (photos)

Hello, In November 2016 I had cool sculpting for my chin fat using 2 mini suction cups, one on each side, but I'm still not happy with the lack of... READ MORE

Fat pad - how can I fix it? (photos)

I've noticed that I've got these creases (throughs) on either side my nose. You can really notice them in different lights. Is there away I can get... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for a high cheek bone malar fat pads?

Hi I thought an lower eyelid (bleph) would be the right surgery but got told I have malar fat pad far top of the cheek bones is there a solution to... READ MORE

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