Fat Graft + Cheek Augmentation

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Cheek Augmentation: Implants, Fat Transfer or Fillers? (photo)

I'm male, aged 45. I have mild malar hypoplasia and significant submalar hypoplasia. My goal is a fuller mid face, especially either side of my nose... READ MORE

If You Get Cheek Implants, Can You Get Fat or Fillers over Them with No Ill Effect?

After research, I see alot of issues with cheek implants becoming infected simply after a root canal due to the local anesthesia. Will get filler with... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Cheeks to Correct Asymmetric 7 Yr Old Cheek Implants or Implant Removal in Addition to Fat Transfer/filler?

I had my cheek implants and buccal pad removal done when I was 24. I am now 31 and want a more natural appearance (one implant has shifted slightly... READ MORE

What's the Difference Between Cheek Implants and Fat Transfer?

My doctor said that he recommend that I should have fat transfer to my cheeks instead of cheek implants. But what are the pros and cons of each ?... READ MORE

Cheek Implants or Fat Injections or Voluma? Which should I choose?

Im looking to fill out my cheek area because it has become hollow over the past few years, im 25 now and im hoping to restore that region to how it... READ MORE

Solutions for this "bullfrog neck," jowling, chipmunk cheeks, recessed chin? (Photo)

Im sched for surg , Nov 11th. Plan is for neck lipo, chin implant, fat graft to upper cheek. Disparity: male pattern baldness/shaved head, 100lbs wt... READ MORE

Combination of Cheek Implants and Fat Grafting?

Combination of both cheek implants and fat grafting ? Cheek implants because i want more prominent cheeks and fat grafting because i dont want rest of... READ MORE

Fatgrafting or Cheek Implants?

Hi my question, which procedure is better for more sculpted and dramatic cheekbones fatgrafting or cheek implants ? Thank You so much ! READ MORE

Would cheek implants or fat graft be the right solution for my mid face, and would there be long term effects? (Photo)

I have always had a slightly flat face, which reveals my large lower cheeks (buccal fat) and jaws. Which kind of solution would you suggest to... READ MORE

Best option to increase forward projection of high, flat cheekbones?

I'm an Asian female with high, relatively defined cheekbones but I lack forward projection. Would fat grafting, cheek implants, or cheek fillers be... READ MORE

Can You Perform Fat Grafting if You Got Cheek Implants Already?

Because i am losing fat around implants and they are becoming more visible year after year READ MORE

Would a cheek implant, a cheek filler, or fat grafting be more appropriate?

I am an 18 year old girl. I have hemifacial microscomia, so one of my cheekbones is significantly smaller than the other. In order to make this issue... READ MORE

Is there an alternative to cheek implants?

I'm in my late teens and have a very dull face, I don't have much of a structure and the fat just chills there. I've been wanting the high cheekbone... READ MORE

Is Fat Transfer to my cheeks a perfect option for me? (photo)

I'm 26 but stress of school /work had me lose cheek volume & gain lower abs fat. I wana take care of the two issues at once, transfer the lower abs... READ MORE

How complicated is it to reposition cheek implants that have been in place for over 20 years?

I had cheek implants approximately 23 years ago. One of the implants moved slightly. As I aged this became more noticeable and creates asymmetry in my... READ MORE

Eye shape change after facial fat grafting to upper cheeks. Am I stuck with this for the rest of my life?

I am three months out from facial fat grafting to my upper cheeks and a little was placed above my cheeks near the hollows around my eyes. My eye... READ MORE

Would implants be appropriate for supra-orbital/frontal process/ glabella region?

What are my options for augmenting this area? Are fillers, fat grafts appropriate? If so, how much of a difference would it show? READ MORE

Cheek implant removal (Hydroxyapatite)? (photos)

1 initial surgery and 4 revisions over 10 years. Have tried adding to,burring down,fat graft,mid face and recently filler. HA was misplaced each time.... READ MORE

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