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Under Eye Lump - Causes and Treatment?

I have a small lump that appears under my eye. At times it doesn't look like it is there but when I smile it comes up. I thought it was just the bags... READ MORE

Can Cheek Implants Help with Bulging Eyes?

Not a medical condition, thyroid etc. tested; runs in family. READ MORE

How Do I Fix Eye Hollows After Cheek Fillers? (photo)

I had filler about 6-7 months ago in my cheeks right under my eyes to fill a space where two cheek pads come together to form a line on my face. It... READ MORE

Pain in Left Cheekbone Implant After 2 Years

Hi, I had cheekbone implants almost 2 years ago and in the last few months I've had pain on my left side only when my face is pressed on my pillow... READ MORE

Cheekbones too prominent. Would fillers help smooth out the dents at the side of my eyes? (Photo)

The very sides of my face by the cheek bones are really sticking out,not following a smooth line from forehead sides to lower cheek, there is these... READ MORE

Cheek Implants - Tingling Cheek/ Nose/ Eye 3 Years Post-op

Had cheek implants put in 3 years ago. On Fri night I kept getting tingling on my right cheek right below my eye. Was gone in the morning with a... READ MORE

My cheeks are incredibly flat. I'm a young male and it makes my face look old and flat. How do I fix it?

I was hesitant to ask this because it doesn't seem normal for a young man to worry about this... But in pictures I've realized my eyes sag a lot and... READ MORE

How can I get my cheekbones more defined and chiseled, lip reduction, and eye more sharper? (Photo)

I was doing my research and it said I can get cheek fillers and that's better than going under the knife. Would that be a better way? I want to have... READ MORE

Is Delayed Eye Swelling Normal with Cheek Implants?

I had cheek implants 7 days ago and the initial swelling was as expected around the lip and cheek areas. Over the last day my lower eyelid has swollen... READ MORE

What can I get done to fix my unharmonious face? (photo)

My cheeks are too big for my face or my eyes/forehead are too small for my face, my nose is too short? i know there is no symmetry in my face which in... READ MORE

Can people w/ close set eyes be as attractive as people with far set eyes? Would getting cheek implants make the problem worse?

My eyes are too close together and it makes me look weird. Is there a way I can look really pretty?  READ MORE

Would high prominent cheekbones make a person with close set eyes look like a chipmunk?

Would high cheekbones look good with someone with eyes close together or would flat cheeks look better? READ MORE

How could sub-malar implants do this? (photos)

31yo. I had sub-malar implants placed just under 3 months ago and the effects have been so disheartening I'm seeking removal. They are Medpor and I'm... READ MORE

Is It normal for the edge of cheek implant to stick up in my eye hollow? (photos)

I got cheek implants 14days ago, the edge of the implant is dipping into my eye hallow on the left side. I can feel it & tried pushing it down I been... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for facial implants? (photos)

I am not terribly insecure, but I do believe implants can provide a more mature/masculine aesthetic. My main area of concern is my cheek/eye area as... READ MORE

Can Acute Facial Asymmetry Be Fixed? (photo)

Had a tumor. Took two surgeries to remove most of it. Incision made right above the right eye. Tumor located in front right sinus cavity behind eye -... READ MORE

Cheek implant's effect on eye spacing appearance

I am considering getting cheek implants and my main concern is what they will make my eyes look like. I have a flat face now and my eye spacing looks... READ MORE

I feel that my face is uneven. I do not know who to talk to, or what about. I live near Detroit, and am open to ideas. (photo)

I have always thought my face was uneven, especially in my cheeks and eyes. I was wondering what my options were, and why this happened. I live in the... READ MORE

Eye shape change after facial fat grafting to upper cheeks. Am I stuck with this for the rest of my life?

I am three months out from facial fat grafting to my upper cheeks and a little was placed above my cheeks near the hollows around my eyes. My eye... READ MORE

Could getting a cheekbone reduction to reduce the width of my cheeks change the shape of my eyes?

I've had ptosis correction on my eyes several times and I need another surgery. I would also like to get the width of my cheekbones reduced after the... READ MORE

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