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How Can I Find a Doctor That Can Perform a Zygomatic Osteotomy?

I had a zygomatic fracture 3 years ago and it caused my zygoma and zygomatic arch to protrude. A craniofacial surgeon, who specializes mainly in... READ MORE

Recommended Doctor for Sunken Cheek Treatment in Switzerland?

I am an Indian girl and am 28 years old. I used to be fat earlier but now due to rigorous gym I lost my cheek. Currently I am working in Switzerland.... READ MORE

Need a Good Doctor for Cheek Implants in Chicago Area?

Trying to find a good doctor in chicago area for cheek implants. Any recs would be greatly appreciated. READ MORE

Korean reliable plastic surgery?

I am very interested in facial contouring to even out my jaw and cheeks and I was looking into TL plastic surgery in Korea or if their are any other... READ MORE

Recommendation for a Doctor for Cheek Implants in the San Francisco Bay Area or Anywhere in California? (photo)

Here is a link to a photo of my cheek area which I had already posted on RealSelf (I am on a new account). I would like a recommendation for a doctor... READ MORE

Where to Get Malar Implants in New York?

Where to get malar implants? I live in NY.  Thank you. READ MORE

Not looking good after cheek implants removal

I had cheek implants removed 1 month ago after having them for 2 years, i am 29, before the implants i a had a defined face and now after the removal... READ MORE

Best doctors for cheek augmentation?

I need advice about how to find the best doctors for cheek augmentation. I am 29 years old and I wish to improve my bone structure. How can I find the... READ MORE

Cheekbone reduction?

I'm looking for a good Korean plastic surgeon in the US for cheekbone reduction surgery. Many korean plastic surgeon have called this surgery 3D... READ MORE

Finding a good plastic surgeon who takes responsibility when they screw up. (Photo)

I researched and chose a nice, experienced surgeon with a good reputation. This was supposed to be a full facelift. My sister did the cheaper... READ MORE

Suggestions for experts in customized cheek and jaw implants around Northeast? (Photo)

Need your opinion for your pick of experts on facial implants. I want to do this right the first time. Thanks:) READ MORE

Suggestions for big cheeks, jowls, double chin and lines on corners of mouth? Looking for doctors in Maryland or nearby (Photo)

I am in my mid 30s and gained weight. I had juvederm done twice but the lines around the corner of my mouth are still very prominent. Additionally I... READ MORE

Any suggests on permanent gel injections removal from cheeks?

Hello Drs, I've had permanent gel injections in my cheeks,since 10 years ago,That i would like to remove most of it. I live in Toronto, ON, and I'm... READ MORE

What is the best non surgical method of filling my cheeks? (photos)

I have fine cheek bones but my lower cheek has sunken in over the years due to missing teeth and age. I need to have this corrected. I need a... READ MORE

Do you think cheek implants could help me? (photos)

I have severe dropping and sagging of my cheeks and skin. and bad assemetry. I ahve tried endoscopic facelift and fillers, nothing works. I am 32 and... READ MORE

Looking for skilled oculoplastic/maxillofacial team that works with custom implants to do reconstruction. Must take insurance.

My left sinus collapsed causing my left orbital floor to sink. As a result my left eye is out of position. My left cheek/jaw are also much smaller... READ MORE

Protruding zygomatic arches, reduction effect wanted. Any surgeons in India? (photo)

My zygomatic arches protrude laterally along with the part of maxillae that is continuous with the arch, though there is no disfiguring anterior... READ MORE

Can a Doctor Recommended a Plastic Surgeon Consulting in Manila, Philippines Who is Experienced in Cheek Augmentation?

I will be in Manila in early July and would like to have sub malar cheek implants inserted by a well qualified PS preferably trained in the US or... READ MORE

I'm Looking for Doctors Who Do Cheek Augmentation W/implant in S. Ca. Can Anyone Help?Need to See B/A Pics and Full Pricing?

I'm a 28 yr old (F) and am interested in a cheek implant that will correct both mid-face & tear trough deficiency all in one implant. I'm seen... READ MORE

Can Anyone Recommend a Mid Face Expert in the Baltimore Washington Area?

I'm looking for a permanent solution to my under eye hollows and flat cheeks. READ MORE

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