Dents + Cheek Augmentation

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What is Recommended to Get Rid of Cheek Dents?

I have dents in my cheeks. I am in my late 30s and it seems pretty early to have blepharoplasty or a cheek lift. However, I want to minimize or... READ MORE

How to Remove Dents on Cheeks Without Surgrey?

Plz guide me to how can i get rid of dents i am 24 years and suffering this problem. what are the reasons of this? READ MORE

Cheek Dents Becoming More and More Pronounced? (photo)

I've recently noticed the dents in my cheek becoming more and more pronounced and am wondering if any of you may know the cause of this. Could it be... READ MORE

Deep Upper Cheek Dents - Fillers or Facelift?

I am 42 y/o. I have deep dents in my upper cheeks. Best way to deal with the dents: (a) dermal fillers (and what brand), (b) mini-facelift (what type)... READ MORE

Options For Puffy Cheeks and Weird Bulges Under Eyes? (photo)

Hi, Im 35 and have had puffy cheeks and these weird bulges/bumps/dents under my eyes. my mother always said they were just "prominent... READ MORE

Solution for Cheek Dents?

I suffer from "cheek dents" and have tried fillers with no luck...I would like to know if the ligaments that have been said to be creating... READ MORE

Options To Permanently Remove Cheek Dents/wrinkles? (photo)

Hi everyone :D My question is i want to permantly remove the dents or wrinkles from my cheeks. I'd rather do it without surgery or injections (im... READ MORE

Sagging Cheeks and Post-HA Malar Dents? (photo)

Hi, I'm 38. I had my hollow tear troughs filled with a filler 3 y. ago. Nice at first, but few months later : blueish malar dents (fluid retention).... READ MORE

What is Best for a Small Case of Hollow Cheeks?

I am a 26 yr old male who is considering some form a cheek filler. My cheeks are slowly starting to look sunken in right underneath my cheek bone. The... READ MORE

Cheekbones too prominent. Would fillers help smooth out the dents at the side of my eyes? (Photo)

The very sides of my face by the cheek bones are really sticking out,not following a smooth line from forehead sides to lower cheek, there is these... READ MORE

What is causing fat loss in checks and is there a permanent way to resolve it? (photos)

I am 30 and am experiencing loss of fat in the cheeks. A surgeon I saw said it could be due to swelling/ fluid retention but the problem seems to be... READ MORE

Fat loss on one side of the cheek. Can it be corrected? If yes, how? please help (Photo)

I've lost some fat on left side of my cheek (right in the picture) It is quite visible and looks like a dent Can be felt with fingers when touched It... READ MORE

I'm 20 and I've had cheek dents all my life and they are getting worse. How can I get rid of them?

They make me feel older than I am and it really gets me down how can j get rid of them READ MORE

Will Cheek Implants Minimize Dents/ Lines in the Creek Area?

Will cheek implants minimimizethe dents in my cheek area? READ MORE

Is there a way to return my cheek to its original form? (Photos)

Back when I was 5 I bumped hardly on a tree my face was so swollen that I wasn't able to come to school *nursery* for about 1 week, as time passed by... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to fix this mark? (Photo)

I fell and hit my cheek on a sharp corner of a stand. It looks like a "dent" when I smile.This happened a year ago and there was a scar but its fading. READ MORE

I'm a decent looking men but my side forehead is dented inside which my cheek bone looks big. Any suggestion?

I was wondering how much is it to shave cheek bone? And plus it's just really hard me to decide READ MORE

How to Deal with "Cheek Dents"?

I am 18 and I have the indented lines across my cheeks. People with the same problem have had no luck with fillers. Instead of filling in, could you... READ MORE

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