Dark Circles + Cheek Augmentation

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Cheek Implants for Under Eye Circles and Overall Facial Flatness?

I'm 28 now, and have had very dark circles under eyes since I was about 10, so I am fairly certain it is hereditary. I also have a very flat face,... READ MORE

Other Than Lack of Fat, Can Weak/low Cheekbones Cause Tear Trough in a 20 Years Old?

I have deep tear trough and dark circles since I was born. I read that lack of fat under the eyes can cause it, but I also read that low and weak... READ MORE

Dark Circles Due to Big Cheek Implants?

My cheek implants are too big, as they make my eyes sink in bad with dark line under. What can be done about this? Thanks. READ MORE

Cheek implants for facial definition and sag removal? (photos)

I'm a 25 y/o male with an extremely long face. While there are many problems with my face (bulbous nose, poor eyes, weak jaw, lack of symmetry), I am... READ MORE

Going to do a malar implant surgery due to malar hypoplasia. I'm concerned about the risks. What should I ask my PS? (photo)

I have malar hypoplasia.Hypoplasia got worse with age which gives my face a hollow and plain look. Surgery is 25th August but im concerned. Is there... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for facial implants? (photos)

I am not terribly insecure, but I do believe implants can provide a more mature/masculine aesthetic. My main area of concern is my cheek/eye area as... READ MORE

Does anyone know if there is a cure to Angular Cheilitis, or how to remove dark circles on the sides of the mouth completely?

I would have splits on the sides of my mouth due to yawning (etc).When I'd have these wounds I'd lick both sides of my mouth to stop the pain, but... READ MORE

Dark circles, with little bumps, what can I do? Upper cheek lift perhaps? Cost? (Photo)

I've been researching dark circles since I was 12, it's always been a huge insecurity for me. I started using cremes at that age, and fillers at 20,... READ MORE

Can Terino Malar Shell implants be positioned in such a way to augment the outer part of the infraorbital rim?

I'm interested in getting some cheek augmentation. I can definitely say I would benefit greatly from orbital rim implants. Have and the dark circles... READ MORE

What procedures give you high cheekbones and get rid of dark circles under eyes? (photos)

I get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water. I've had bags under my eyes going on 2 years now but now they're getting dark and it's really ugly ,... READ MORE

What would help with the lack of balance to my face? The lack of volume in my face? Angular jaw & chin & upturned nose (Photo)

I'm 30 years old and I've become very self conscious with the lack of volume to my face. It's quite concave, which is accentuated by my angular jaw... READ MORE

How can I correct my left side of my cheek to even out with the right side and dark circles? (Photo)

My left side is thinner due to bad sleeping habits. My face looks groggy now when my face is calmed. READ MORE

Deep under eye circles, puffy round face. How could I have a more angular face? (Photo)

I have always had pretty deep depressions right under my eyes as I am getting older its becoming much more noticeable (I am only 20). I also am... READ MORE

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