Crooked + Cheek Augmentation

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Asymmetrical Cheekbones? (photo)

I have noticed my upper cheeks or cheekbones are very asymmetric. My left side looks lower and more prominent than my right. My upper lip is also... READ MORE

Can an asymmetric face be corrected? (photos)

My lower face seems crooked. I don't think it's very bad but it bothers me a good bit. I don't recall it being bothersome (or perhaps I just didn't... READ MORE

How Can I Fix my Crooked Cheekbones? (photo)

Is there anyway to fix this crooked cheekbones? and How can i remove my acne scars? READ MORE

What procedures would be best to fix my uneven cheeks and crooked chin? I also do not like my nose (Photo)

I feel like my right cheek is a bit bigger and my chin/jaw is very crooked what could I do to get an even profile?? What would be the cost? How would... READ MORE

Nerve damage or permanent muscle damage? (Photo)

I'm 4 weeks post op chin augmentation and submental lipo. I went to a triple board certified surgeon. My smile is crooked. My bottom lip won't pull... READ MORE

Why did one side of my cheek become very noticeably deflated?

I was in a car accident 2 years ago where I suffered from a TBI and a stroke. My right side became temporarily paralyzed and I had to go through... READ MORE

Why is it that my face is crooked and why are my hands big compared to my slim body?

So I have noticed that one side of my face is more developed than the other. My face/jaw on my right side is bigger than than the left. My left is way... READ MORE

What procedures do I need? (photos)

It's embarrassing to e an artist that is expected to draw beautiful symmetrical creatures when I myself lack it. My cheeks are slightly asymertircal ,... READ MORE

Asymmetric cheek makes my smile crooked - Treatment? (Photo)

20yo male. As can be seen in the pictures, the anterior part of my right cheek is thicker in comparison to my left cheek. When I smile, this is... READ MORE

Left facial cheek implant and wrinkle reduction? (photos)

My left cheek bone is much smaller than my right giving an appearance that my face looks crooked like I had a stroke and there's a wrinkle under my... READ MORE

Asymmetrical face (Photo)

It seems that the entire left side of my face seems bloated and rounded.My eyes dont line up and my jaw seems to be pushed to the right. I've had... READ MORE

Would I benefit from cheek implants and a chin implant?

I had filler in my cheeks and loved it about two years ago. My nose job became crooked over time. Should I get another one? It looks bad only in some... READ MORE

Can bone grafting be used for cheek augmentation? (Photo)

Two years ago I had silicon implants placed in my cheeks. I had very difficult recovery .Did acupuncture which helped a lot with fixing my crooked... READ MORE

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