Complication + Cheek Augmentation

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Cheek Augmentation Risks?

What are the risks of cheek augmentation? Are there any side effects or possible complications I should know about ahead of time? READ MORE

Having Malar Implants Removed After 10 Years?

I had Malar implants placed nearly 10 yrs ago via the mouth (Silasti M Hard Silicon 4.5mm no screws) A few months ago i developed an infection and... READ MORE

Percentage of Specific Complications with Cheek Implants?

Does everyone get the scar tissue (capsular contracture) around their cheek implants as this is how the body responds? Also, 1 out of, ..... is the... READ MORE

How simple/complicated is cheek implant removal? Should I choose a doctor based on availability or experience? (photo)

I am getting my cheek implants removed ASAP. I have two options: Go with a very experienced surgeon who isn't available for another 2 months OR Go... READ MORE

Is Cheek implants worth it? (photos)

I'm considering cheek implants but due to the fact that I already have chubby cheeks I'm not sure if it's worth doing and also does it really give you... READ MORE

How to Replace Bioplastic in Cheeks?

I had a trafic accident, cheek filled with bioplastic,16 years ago, now i am having lots of swelling, pain and bruising. i need it to be taking out... READ MORE

Can a bicoronal scalp incision be reopened without large complications?

I've consulted with a doctor who plans to augment my cheekbones using a bicoronal scalp incision. I'm wondering if this will cause problems in the... READ MORE

Filler under my eyes created lumpy-like festoons: Thinking about cheek implants instead. (Photo)

It's been six months and is dissolving no lumpiness but thinking about cheek implants as a solution to the tear trough or molar lines? Does this seem... READ MORE

Does the presence of silastic malar implants pose complication for effective surgical treatment of midcheek groove? (23 yrs old)

4 years ago at 19, I got cheek implant surgery. The right side took longer to heal, due to a relatively minor postsurgery infection on that side. One... READ MORE

I want to upgrade my cheek implant size. What are the risks, costs, complications etc?

I got small malar implants 2013 and have recently been getting about 1.5 ccs in each of my cheeks for added height, definition. I love the results but... READ MORE

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