Combination + Cheek Augmentation

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Possible to Get a Combination Surgery of Cheek, Chin and Jaw Implants

Im 22 and was looking to get cheek implants to have a more chisled face and I wasnt sure if theres any permanent alternatives that would be more cost... READ MORE

Dimple Creation Surgery and Cheek Implants at Same Time?

I was considering getting cheek implants and buccal fat removal or liposuction on my lower cheeks to look more chisled. What one is better,... READ MORE

Can Tear Trough Implants and Submalar Cheek Implants Be Placed at the Same Time?

I have hollowness in the tear trough region under my eyes, as well as flatness to the inner cheek area (although I have nice cheekbone structure in... READ MORE

Unhappy After Jaw Surgery, Genioplasty, Nose Job and Cheek Implants - Suggestions?

I had jaw surgery, bimax le fort 1 and genioplasty 4 yeas ago,later nose job and cheek implants,still i am not happy. i like to have rounder, younger... READ MORE

Taking Drug Propecia During Surgery?

I have been taking the drug propecia for one year now to help control my hair loss. Will being on it during and after cheek implant surgery cause any... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Removal After Cheek Implant

I had a cheek implant (awhile ago) but i was thinking of having buccal fat removed. Would this be ok? I mean, the cheek implant won't get in the... READ MORE

Which of These Procedures Go Best with Cheek Implants for a Man?

I am getting cheek implants but am also deciding between jaw angle implants, rhinoplasty, oan widening chin implants to help balance out the cheek... READ MORE

Combination of Cheek Implants and Fat Grafting?

Combination of both cheek implants and fat grafting ? Cheek implants because i want more prominent cheeks and fat grafting because i dont want rest of... READ MORE

Is It Possible/a Good Idea to Have Multiple Facial Procedures Done at the Same Time?

On a functional level I have been told I may need upper and lower jaw surgery to correct growth issues - as part of my orthodontic treatment.... READ MORE

Cheek Implants: Would any of these also help with the slight droopiness of my lower cheeks? (photos)

Hello, I have always wanted to have a more defined, chiseled, sensual facial appearance and have been considering cheek, chin, and jaw implants along... READ MORE

Are "tear troughs" and low flat cheeks are correctable with the details below?

I am a 50 year old man who unfortunately always looks,not only tired,but to a degree,sick cheeks,and also the area under my eyes which I... READ MORE

Cheek liposuction?

I had double jaw surgery 4 years ago and I now have big chipmunk cheeks. I had thought that this could be resolved with Buccal fat removal but after a... READ MORE

Combining procedures - cheek implants, rhinoplasty & breast augmentation?

I know rhinoplasty can often be combined with other facial surgeries - I am in the very early stages of planning cheek augmentation and rhinoplasty,... READ MORE

Why is my face ugly? is it because of my chubby cheeks and bumpy small chin and single eyelid?

I feel like my lower face is not proportionate to my upper face. In general, I just don't look handsome but I don't know why. My guess is because my... READ MORE

Facial asymmetry correction combined with cheekbone reduction. Any suggestions? (photos)

Sir I want the total left side of my face to be right as the right side of my face.I also want cheekbone(zygoma) reduction at the right side of my... READ MORE

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