Chin + Cheek Augmentation

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Possible to Get a Combination Surgery of Cheek, Chin and Jaw Implants

Im 22 and was looking to get cheek implants to have a more chisled face and I wasnt sure if theres any permanent alternatives that would be more cost... READ MORE

How Would You Alter my Cheekbones, Jawline, And/or Chin? (Photos)

I am a 25-year-old male and would like to improve a few aspects of my face, such as my cheekbones, jawline, and chin. Even though my face isn't really... READ MORE

Would Cheek Implants and Chin/Cheek Liposuction Make My Face More Masculine?(photo)

Hi, I´m a 23 year old male and I´d like to get my face more chiseled and defined. I´ve always had relatively puffy cheeks even when I was skinny so I ... READ MORE

How can I achieve a "square like" face & slight cleft chin like the below pictures? Can this be done with cheek implants?(photo)

I would like to have a more defined "square like" face like Alena Shishkova and Angelina Jolie. Will cheek implants/chin/jawline implants do the... READ MORE

How much filler is needed for chin augmentation (approx)?

I know it differs from person to person. But if I want a bit of fillers injected into the chin to enlongate my face, approx how many syringes would be... READ MORE

Solutions for this "bullfrog neck," jowling, chipmunk cheeks, recessed chin? (Photo)

Im sched for surg , Nov 11th. Plan is for neck lipo, chin implant, fat graft to upper cheek. Disparity: male pattern baldness/shaved head, 100lbs wt... READ MORE

Cheek (Malar) and Chin Implants Not Right... Now What?

A month ago, I had cheek & chin implants to add fullness & correct my recessed chin. I have lost the ability to smile and, when I talk, my... READ MORE

Possible actions to achieve a more Symmetrical face ? (photos)

The right side of my face is considerably more forward than my left. My left side sits further back almost as though its sliding off of my face. The... READ MORE

My face looks thin & lacks cheekbones. What do you think about cheek/chin fillers for my face? Is 25 too young for this? (Photo)

Also, my chin is recessed; so chin fillers could be used for added projection (with no added length/width) to balance out my face if I decide to get... READ MORE

Can Cheek Implants Make the Chin and Lower Cheeks Look Less Prominent?

I am self-conscious about my strong lower face (strong chin and full lower cheeks) and was wondering if augmenting the upper part of the cheek would... READ MORE

Chin augmentation with filler possible? (Photo)

Hello, i only have a short question: do you think the result of the photo (made with photoshop) would be possilbe by using an hyaluronic filler?... READ MORE

What can I do for make my face appear more rounder ? (photos)

Hi i have a long face and i want to have a round face shape . What can i do ? I have a long chin . Can i do cheek augmentation ? And my face look sad... READ MORE

9 days post op of Cheek Implant, how long will it take to go back to my full facial expression?

Hello, I am 24 yo male, I did my cheek implants 9 days ago as well as chin implant. 1-right now I am worried about the swelling as I look like... READ MORE

Best procedure(s) to make my face more masculine? (Photo)

Hi, I was wondering what procedure or procedures would give me the absolute best results of my face appearing more masuline. Cheek implant? Chin... READ MORE

Unsure of what work I need? Chubby cheek, wide and undefined face, receding chin.

Not sure what work I need done. Perhaps some jaw contouring and then some how add definition to the cheeks? **PLEASE NOTE all my problems grow worse... READ MORE

Which procedure is best to remove/disguise droopy skin on side of mouth/chin? (Photo)

I feel that the shadowing/drop where my lower cheek near the side of my mouth meets me chin gives the effect that I have droopy skin. What procedures... READ MORE

What procedures would be best to fix my uneven cheeks and crooked chin? I also do not like my nose (Photo)

I feel like my right cheek is a bit bigger and my chin/jaw is very crooked what could I do to get an even profile?? What would be the cost? How would... READ MORE

Can you advise me on potential risk of having chin augmentation by Aquamid?

I am considering a non surgical chin augmentation and I have heard that Aquamid is a long lasting filler and might be suitable for chin augmentation.... READ MORE

Surgery for jawline and uneven cheeks? (Photo)

My jawline isn't very prominent and often disappears into my neck, and I have a lot of fat around my chin area in general (though I'm pretty skinny).... READ MORE

How can I change my face shape? (photos)

I really deslike the shape of my face. it's too round, uneven, maybe even flat. I know I have a small chin and it's probably my biggest problem. but... READ MORE

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