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Sunken Cheeks: Long-lasting Dermal Fillers Available?

Having used both restylane and perlane, with passable results, I am now searching for something longer lasting. A filler that lasts longer than 6... READ MORE

Malar Bags (Cheek Bag) Treatment Options

I am only 27 years old but have had malar bags forever. They seem to be getting worse over the past 4 years, especially on the right side. I have... READ MORE

Best Filler for Cheek Hollowness?

I have high cheekbones and have noticed that I am becoming more hollow just underneath them and am considering fillers to make them fuller thereby... READ MORE

Perlane Vs. Juvederm, Which is Best for Cheek Augmentation?

My cheeks look gaunt and my face is perma-tired looking. One doctor said I need juvaderm but another told me perlane. pls help me understand how to... READ MORE

Sudden Fat Loss in Cheeks - What Happened?

24 years old, I lost my cheeks in a few weeks... It's horrible :( I alwys had full cheeks until 6 months ago when in a few weeks I completely lost... READ MORE

Uneven Cheeks - What Are my Treatment Options?

My cheeks are uneven, is there any possibility of making them look more symmetrical? my cheeks have been like this since birth, my parents thought... READ MORE

Advice for Sunken Cheeks?

I am 20 years old and my BMI is 18. Do I have sunken cheeks? I am wondering what is causing my face to appear so sunken, and how I could get rid... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Cheek Bags?

I dont have bags directly under my eyes but rather on top of my cheekbones. Nothing seems to help and they are visable all the time. Maybe 1 day out... READ MORE

Submalar Implants Vs Fillers for Improving Face Shape?

I am 45, female, thin and have always had a prominent chin, high lateral cheekbones and an average pointed nose. This gives me a crescent moon shape... READ MORE

What Procedure Can a 19 Year Old Have to Fix Sagging Cheeks or Jowls

I have always had chubby cheeks and used to love them but they are now starting to sag. I realize 19 is extremely young and it seems crazy but this is... READ MORE

Can Cheek Implants Be Used to Fill in Under Eye Hollows?

I went to a surgeon who said that my under eye hollows/bulges are due to the fact that my eye ball is located there. I was looking at Bill O'Reilly... READ MORE

Cheek Implants - Did my Doctor Upsell Me a Procedure I Didn't Need?

I had rhinoplasty, cheek implants, and blepharoplasty 12 days ago.  I was so happy and excited to get it done.  I wasn't expecting the cheek... READ MORE

Fillers for Restoring Cheek Volume?

I used to have perfect cheeks when I was 18-21. Now at 24, my cheek bones aren't looking as high or defined as they used to. My face appears to have... READ MORE

Cheek Implants and Nasolabial Folds

I am a 39 year old male and have lost a lot of volume in my cheeks and have deep nasolabial lines. Would a cheek implant soften the nasolabial lines... READ MORE

Results of Sculptra and Perlane Cheek Injections Gone After 4 Days

I just had a vial of Sculptra and a cc of Perlane injected in my cheeks to correct asymmetry from cheek implants. I loved how it looked on the day of... READ MORE

Sculptra for Deep Wrinkles and Sunken Cheeks - Best Choice?

As i age my cheeks are getting sunken in and my wrinkles are deepening. would sculptra be my best choice? or should i look at fat injection or cheek... READ MORE

Possible to Get a Combination Surgery of Cheek, Chin and Jaw Implants

Im 22 and was looking to get cheek implants to have a more chisled face and I wasnt sure if theres any permanent alternatives that would be more cost... READ MORE

Will Cheek Implants Give a Better Facial Structure?

I am 31 and I feel like I need a facelift already. My face is very flat and I look like I am starting to get jowls. Is it because I don't have enough... READ MORE

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