Cheekbones + Cheek Augmentation

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Can Facial Asymmetry Be Corrected?

The right side of my face is both more elevated and more prominent than the left side; the right cheekbone is more prominent, the cheek itself is... READ MORE

How Can I Get Chiseled and Hollow Cheeks Like a Male Model? (photo)

I'm a 22-year-old male with very weak cheekbones and an unmasculine face. I'm looking into cheek augmentation that create the chiseled cheekbones that... READ MORE

Best Filler for Cheek Hollowness?

I have high cheekbones and have noticed that I am becoming more hollow just underneath them and am considering fillers to make them fuller thereby... READ MORE

What Kind of Surgery is There for Higher Cheekbones?

I heard of different types of implants and injections, can you explain the different surgeries/procedures for higher cheekbones? also are higher... READ MORE

Submalar Implants Vs Fillers for Improving Face Shape?

I am 45, female, thin and have always had a prominent chin, high lateral cheekbones and an average pointed nose. This gives me a crescent moon shape... READ MORE

Options to Fix Asymmetrical Cheekbone?

I have Asymmetrical cheekbones, one is higher than the i am wondering if there is any way to fix it .also i want cheeks implants ,but am... READ MORE

What can I do to get high cheekbones? I have chubby cheeks and I hate it! (Photo)

I've always admired celebrities with beautiful high, angular cheekbones. Unfortunately for me I seem to have flat cheekbones with a lack of volume. I... READ MORE

Reduce cheekbone to make face look smaller? (photo)

Please disregard how old I look when forming an opinion! As you can see in the photo, I have a fairly large face and this is mostly due to my... READ MORE

How to get a defined zygomatic arch contour in the face? (photo)

I notice some people have faces in which there is a clear contour of the cheekbone shape visible from the front. I am guessing this is due to... READ MORE

High Cheekbones Make You Look Younger?

Do high cheekbones make a person look younger than there age? READ MORE

Effect on High Cheekbones Using Submalar Cheek Implant

Is it possible to use a submalar cheek implant in a way that I will not loose my high cheekbones? I want more fullness below my very prominent... READ MORE

How do I achieve the hollow cheeks?

Hi, How do I achieve the hollow cheeks look male models tend to have. I have fairly high cheekbones but I only see hollow cheeks when I pout which... READ MORE

What is Best for Building Up Cheek Bone Significantly? Sculptra, Radiesse or HA Filler Eg Teosyal, Perlane or Voluma?

I don't mean the whole cheek area including the mid face, I just mean the upper cheek bone and to pull the eye troughs out so they are less... READ MORE

Young Male Wanting to Achieve a More Chiselled Cheekbone Look

I'm 28, and want to achieve a more chiseled cheekbone look (that you often see on models). What would be the best type of treatment for this. My... READ MORE

Would Cheek Implants and Chin/Cheek Liposuction Make My Face More Masculine?(photo)

Hi, I´m a 23 year old male and I´d like to get my face more chiseled and defined. I´ve always had relatively puffy cheeks even when I was skinny so I ... READ MORE

What is the Average Downtime for Cheek Implant Patients?

I am a slender blond with very fair skin. Age has robbed me of fat in my cheeks leaving me looking gaunt. How long will I have to be away from work? ... READ MORE

What is the Best Filler for Cheekbone Definition for a Male?

What filler is best for (anterior) projection and definition of the cheeks in a male patient? READ MORE

Has sleeping on the right side of my face made it flat compared to the left side?

My cheekbone on the left side of my face is more prominent and bigger as opposed to the left side where it's 'flat'. I really hate this asymmetrical... READ MORE

Cheek Implants For Round Ethnic Face- Want Chiseled Cheekbones

If im a male person with a round ethnic mid face area and im wanting a chisselled european cheekbone look, what do i need to ask my surgeon and what... READ MORE

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