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Are my Cheeks Sunken In? I Am 21 And Notice Aging in My Face. (photo)

I'm only 21 and I have already noticed some aging on my face. For some reason, the area toward my lip sticks out and is really noticeable in... READ MORE

What Would Be the Main Causes of Facial Volume Loss?

What would be the main causes of facial volume loss? I am still in my twenties...however I have been pretty ill recently and have been on a few... READ MORE

Cheek Implant - Infection or Not?

Dear doctors, I had cheek implants and buccal fat removal on 4th april 2011. The swellings on the lower cheeks are almost completely gone.... READ MORE

What Can Cause the Skin to Sag After Cheek Implants Are Removed?

I have read that cheek implant removal can cause the skin to sag. If the implants were large 4mm malar shells in the submalar zone and were in for... READ MORE

Possible causes of uneven cheeks? (Photo)

Anytime I take a photo I always notice that it seems that one side of my face is bigger than the other. I've always had this little habit where I move... READ MORE

Swelling Still over a Year After Cheek Implants?

I had malar implants 14 months ago. More days than not each week I have some minor swelling under one eye. Mainly I can just feel it more than see it.... READ MORE

What is the cause for cheek indentation? How would you cure it? (photos)

I have a noticeable indentation on my right cheek whenever I smile. I had several botox shots on my lower jawline to decrease the appearance of square... READ MORE

I've suddenly developed indentations on the apples of my cheeks. What could've caused this and how can smooth them out? (Photo)

One side is more prominent than the other- much more noticeable when I smile. I am only 22 years old. Also woke up with a small pimple right in the... READ MORE

Can Bruxism make you lose fat from your face?

Hello doctor, three years ago I developed bruxism due to a really high stress. I always had a really rounded face , ( with quite a lot of nice fat).... READ MORE

My right cheek has caved in. What is causing the atrophy? (Photo)

I am a 27 yr old female and over the two years, my right cheek has gradually lost muscle mass. It has got to the point where it is quite noticeable. I... READ MORE

My cheekbones have been increasing in size for 2 years since 19. Why is this?

My cheekbones were somewhat prominent before 19. But I noticed after I turned 19, my jaw and cheekbones grew. I figured both grew to match each other... READ MORE

Premature aging? Facial Expression Deformity?Anxiety?Effects from smoking weed?Fluctuating weight? I'm 22!

I squint and play with my bottoms lips. I also have been yo to dieting since 14yrs old. I ran and dance to stay fit and my cheeks tend to bounce. My... READ MORE

Are my Cheek Implants Infected? I Cant Get a Straight Answer from my Doctor?

I had cheek implants put in may 1st, it is the 8th and my right side is healing perfectly, but my left side is another story. I went to see my doctor... READ MORE

I have flatness at mid face. Is it a massater or maxilar problem. Why? (Photo)

Some angles make my face flat at midface (near cheeckbones and massater area). I have sinus and sometimes mandibular pain (don't know if it duo sinus)... READ MORE

I don't know if it's genetics or environmental, but I noticed my skin sagging down from my cheek bones under the eye? (Photo)

Is this because i have big bulky cheek bones or is my skin losing the collagen? What can i do to for this? I'm 26 years old READ MORE

Cheek Implant Infection- Could The Open Pocket Be The Cause?

Hi back to my question about cheek implant infection. i yesterday had another operation on my left cheek to clean out the infection and had antibitics... READ MORE

HA Migration

Hello ! I had HA filler injected in cheeks and nasolabial folds.3 days later I noticed filler from one cheek has moved under left eye and to the down... READ MORE

Will cheek implants cause a joker smile?

I'm interested in cheek implants. I'd like sub malar, but I'm not sure. I've read reviews saying people can't smile all the way anymore even after... READ MORE

Below my mouth, I have these bulges that stick out. What are they? (Photo)

Better lighting,same question. Just wondering why I have these "bulges that go off to the sides" and they bother me. READ MORE

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