Buccal + Cheek Augmentation

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Swelling After Cheek Implant and Buccal Fat Removal

Hi All. I Had Cheek Implant 2 1/2 Weeks Ago and Buccal Fat Removal. I'm still so much swollen and quite nervous whether this is common or not.... READ MORE

Tumescent Liposculpture for Prominent Cheeks?

I am a 26 year old thin/skinny male with prominent cheeks - projection is concentrated in what I would call the "mid-face". Whilst generally... READ MORE

My Face Was Full But Lost a Lot of Volume and Midface Became Flat. Cheek Implants? Fat Graft? (photo)

My face was full but lost a lot of volume and my midface got flat. I had buccal fat pad removal 10 years ago and I'm more than convinced... READ MORE

Can cheek implants help narrow and slim a fuller round face?

I have always thought that I have chubby cheeks and recently have been looking into buccal fat removal. I hear that doctors don't really like to... READ MORE

Would I Be an Ideal Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal Along with Cheek Implants?

I am planning rhinoplasty to slim my nose. I find I have too much of a baby face and would like to slim it down, especially my cheeks to achieve a... READ MORE

Fillers After Buccal Fat Removal

I understand buccal fat removal is a problematic procedure as it may cause hollow/sunken cheeks in future due to aging hence its akin to pursuing a... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Removal After Cheek Implant

I had a cheek implant (awhile ago) but i was thinking of having buccal fat removed. Would this be ok? I mean, the cheek implant won't get in the... READ MORE

Cheek fillers, cheek implants or buccal fat removal? (Photo)

Hi, I am a 25 yo and I am trying to give my face more harmony and I am not sure what to do since there are a few options. I have been thinking about a... READ MORE

How to get a slimmer face? Buccal fat removal? Fillers? Cheek/chin augmentation? Botox in masseter muscle? Rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I have round flat cheeks that make me look heavier than I actually am. I have been advised against buccal fat removal, but I don't know what other... READ MORE

Swelling 1 Month After Buccal Fat Excision and Cheek Implants Normal?

I'm one month post op buccal fat removal and medium malar cheek implants. I naturally had a very thin flat face pre op but now my face is much fatter... READ MORE

Are cheek implants, buccal fat temoval, chin implant and anterior neck lift a good way to active a chiselled look? As a male?

I am having a chin implant along with cheek implants, buccal fat removal and anterior neck lift all done at the same time. Will such procedures create... READ MORE

I had a Bichectomy two months ago. How can you tell if buccal fat was extracted from both cheeks?

I was lucky and never felt any pain and I wasn't swollen. It might seemed out there but how can I know if the bucal fat was extracted from both... READ MORE

Puckering of Right Buccal area on face

What causes this and how can I remedy it? It protrudes and makes the face look 'off'. No that way on left side. How can I remedy this? READ MORE

Cheek implants instead of buccal fat pad removal to help a round full face appear narrow and slimmer? (photos)

Hello i am reconsidering buccal fat pad and wondering if cheek implants is a alternative to slimming and narrowing the face with a combination of... READ MORE

Masculine impact look that appears photogenic and angular?

Masculine look is chiselled essentially.my surgeon is known to be quite conservative but very knowledgble.With regards to male plastic surgery if one... READ MORE

Redness in face after Buccal fat extraction. Is this normal?

I had Buccal fat extraction, upper Bleph and Lipo in Jowls, and Chin. I'm 8 days post op and I know the swelling is still normal, but my cheeks are... READ MORE

How to improve cheekbone definition?

I have already had buccal fat removal and cheekbone implants. Both of these procedures helped, but I have large facial muscles around the cheekbone... READ MORE

How long until I should be smiling normal after facial implants? (photos)

I had: Cheek implants Jaw implants Buccal fat removal SG 12mm Performed 3 weeks + 2 days ago. I can't smile at all. My upper lip can't seem to curl... READ MORE

Is there anyway I can remove fat from my cheeks besides buccal fat?

I keep hearing buccal fat is a bad idea. Is there any other way I can make my more cheeks more defined permanently ? READ MORE

Long narrow face with sunken smile & hollow cheeks caused by narrow arch? (Photos)

29/F,long narrow face. Is it possible to widen the arch/jaw in adults? There is a large gap (buccal corridor?) either side of my teeth when I smile... READ MORE

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