Bone + Cheek Augmentation

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Is It Possible To Use A Real Bone Implant For Cheeks Vs. A Synthetic?

Hi, i am having a lower jaw surgery soon and i wanted to have a cheek implant during the same surgery. My doctor does not reccommend cheek implants... READ MORE

Can Bone Cement Be Used As Cheek Implant?

Recently i heard that a friend got cheek implants made of bone cement. Is bone cement a better material as cheek implants compared with other... READ MORE

Brow bone implants, cheek implants, buccal fat removal, gonial implants-Would you recommend these procedures for me? (photo)

I have an amount of things I don't like. what options do I have to improve. 1)face has no dimension. Would brow bone implants would give me the look... READ MORE

Normal for Cheek Bone to Be Scraped During Implant Removal?

I had cheek bone implant removed after having them in for 8 weeks because it changed the way my bone looked in my face and I didn't want that to... READ MORE

Do Cheek Implant Risks Differ Depending on Which Bone is Augmented?

Hi All, There are a few horror stories on the internet about cheek implants. I'm wondering if these risks are significantly different by bone. I've... READ MORE

Is Cheekbone Augmentation Very Traumatic For HIV+?

Those of us who are HIV+, but whose dr doesn't consider us necessarily to be immuno-compromised? I am still as healthy as before and my Tcells are... READ MORE

Bone erosion with medpor malar implants?

What are the risks of bone and tissue erosion with medpor implants? Or does this only happen with silicone implants? Also, do hard scar capsules form... READ MORE

Permanently reduce masseter muscle in Asian patient? (photos)

25 y/o with very strong muscle. I wanted to do bone shaving (vline surgery) in Korea but when touching my face, I feel like the muscles are the actual... READ MORE

6.5 months post op of Cheek Implants and schedule for a removal, would bone resorption happen after 8 months?

Had cheek implants 6.5 months ago & scheduled removal in 1.5 months (it will be 8 months after insertion). I'm 30yr-old male with malar implants... READ MORE

Overtime will the hydroxyapatite completely or only partially be converted into natural human bone?

These types of implants have always fascinated me because they are like no other. Not only is it identical to human bone, but it supposedly helps new... READ MORE

Do silicone cheek implants cause bone atrophy?

I am a male in late 20s and during a consult a facial plastic surgeon suggested me cheek Implant. I would like to know if it can cause lose of bone... READ MORE

What are my options for cheek implants?

Hello, I had malar implants for 8 yrs. Had them removed 2 yrs ago. I've tried fillers for volume and they do not work. I have residual asymmetry in my... READ MORE

Cheekbone or lower/lateral orbital rim implants close to eye socket for more chiseled look? (Photos)

My face is naturally featureless and has poor bone structure. I notice when I pinch the very edge of my eye socket area (simulating some sort of... READ MORE

Are the size of facial bones compensating each other?

I have a bit unsymmetrical face, the brow bone is larger on the left side than the right. The cheek and jaw bones are also unsymmetrical, but the... READ MORE

What is a Pocket for cheek or chin Implant?

Doctors talk about creating a pocket before placing a malar cheek implant on the bone. What exactly is this pocket ? what is it made out of ? And is... READ MORE

Face asymmetry: I think my case is not normal, is there a way to even out my cheeks? (photo)

I can clearly touch and feel my left jawbone, but in my right side I can slide my hand from my cheek down to my neck and feel like the bone is pushed... READ MORE

My left cheek looks totally different than my right cheek and it really bothers me, how can this be treated? (photo)

Is it a bone problem or a fat problem? I am currently now at BMI 27 and I am planning to lose more weight, will this solve the problem? READ MORE

Is there a natural way to enhance cheeks?

Why are surgeons still using cheek implants if they cause infection, shifting, and bone reabsorption. As we age so does our bone structure. Isn't... READ MORE

Cheek augmentation via demineralized bone

Ive recently read about a few doctors who will augment the cheek area with demineralize bone. what drawbacks are there to this method compared to silicone READ MORE

Can a large facial bone structure be made smaller all over? My face is overly large due to bone structure, especially in photos!

The forehead & cheekbones are too wide, and chin is too big. I understand the chin can be shaved down & the temples can be brought in with hair... READ MORE

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