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Should I Get Cheek Implants? Or an Alternative? (photo)

I got Radiesse and loved how it made my cheeks look right after. They were projected forward and it gave a nice asthetic. Then the swelling went away... READ MORE

Pros/Cons Of Cheek Implants

Hello everyone, i want to know about cheek implants. I have a oval face with a small body frame. I was wondering if i gain weight would my cheecks get... READ MORE

Is It Possible To Use A Real Bone Implant For Cheeks Vs. A Synthetic?

Hi, i am having a lower jaw surgery soon and i wanted to have a cheek implant during the same surgery. My doctor does not reccommend cheek implants... READ MORE

Can Bone Cement Be Used As Cheek Implant?

Recently i heard that a friend got cheek implants made of bone cement. Is bone cement a better material as cheek implants compared with other... READ MORE

Orthognathic Surgery or Cheek Augmentation?

I have seen 3 plastic surgeons who all were unable to offer me anything in regards to a rhinoplasty that would not make my nose worse, they all said... READ MORE

Facial Filler Vs Cheek Implants?

I had cheek implants 6 years ago, and am very happy with the results. However, I have had 3 infections; each one went away with antibiotics, but after... READ MORE

Is it possible to gain facial fat?

In general on your face and more specifically your cheeks. I Hate how flat my cheeks are and it really shows under lighting , my cheekbones are flat... READ MORE

Are There Surgeons Who Do More Than Just Malar Implants to Enhance the Cheekbones?

I have a rare occurence of facial lipoatrophy. I am barely 19 years old, so it is not due to aging, nor do I have a disease. It makes me appear far... READ MORE

Is there an alternative to cheek implants?

I'm in my late teens and have a very dull face, I don't have much of a structure and the fat just chills there. I've been wanting the high cheekbone... READ MORE

Would Conform Terino Malar shell cheek implants be a good match, or is there an alternative?

Without a pic(sorry!) I have a 7 and 3/4 inch long face. Flat cheeks(bone deficiency) and thin skin. Is a size large conform terino Malar shell a good... READ MORE

Is ArteFill a Good Alternative to Cheek Implants?

Had cheek implants about 3 months ago. They got infected and removed. My cheeks are very flat. What are the pros and cons between Fat Transfer and... READ MORE

My surgeon prefers fat transfer instead of implants to correct lack of volume in the cheeks. Is this an equivalent alternative?

My surgeon, who I believe is an excellent surgeonand did previous work on me, is against using malar implants and prefers fat transfer to correct my... READ MORE

Cheekbone filler looks great in repose, but distorts the apples of my cheeks when I smile. Can you recommend a solution?

I naturally have flat cheekbones and excess fat in the apples of my cheeks. Facial fillers (various HAs) have given me cheekbones that look lovely... READ MORE

Is there anyway I can remove fat from my cheeks besides buccal fat?

I keep hearing buccal fat is a bad idea. Is there any other way I can make my more cheeks more defined permanently ? READ MORE

Hi, I would like to ask if cheek implants would help my cheekbone more prominent? (Photos)

Would cheek implants make my cheekbones more anguler and wider and do they look and feel natural .Am i a cheek implant candidate. Is there an... READ MORE

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