Aging + Cheek Augmentation

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How Can I Fill my Hollow Cheeks Without Appearing Fake and Have a Long Lasting Effect?

Im 30 years old and featuring extreme thinning f the face though im not losing any weight....its aging me fast....what can i do as a long term... READ MORE

Are my Cheeks Sunken In? I Am 21 And Notice Aging in My Face. (photo)

I'm only 21 and I have already noticed some aging on my face. For some reason, the area toward my lip sticks out and is really noticeable in... READ MORE

Cheek implants: what will you look like in 10 years time as you age?

I'm planning to get cheek implants but I don't know if the youthfulness will stay as you age. Some crazy person told me as you age if you have cheek... READ MORE

Looking for a Midface Lift? Do I Need a Chin Implant Also? (photo)

I am 40 yo, healthy but with facial sagging and aging, I would like a mid face lift. Do i need a chin implant also? I have never liked my profile and... READ MORE

Will cheek implants start to look unnatural as I age? (Photo)

I am interested in getting cheek implants for a chiseled look and feel like this would balance my face, but have concerns that as I age my skin will... READ MORE

Do All Cheek Implants Show Up As the Skin Ages?

Hello, I would like a permanent solution to my flat mid face and I was thinking about cheek implants but I've heard they show up as the skin ages and... READ MORE

What is a good option besides cheek implants to fill sagging, and hollowness? (photos)

(I've never had cheekbones, and that would be a plus, to end up with more than I had before I started aging). Is bellafill a good option or bad idea?... READ MORE

Can a doctor make me look the way I used to look before I was disfigured by an abuser? (Photo)

My face was altered. My cheek bones are pushed in, my nose is now pug, and the my eyelids are stretched out and my mouth looks like he shortened my... READ MORE

What can I do to make my face more symmetrical? (photos)

I am self concious about my cheeks. They are pretty big in comparison to the rest of my face. They stick out low on my face. I don't want to do a... READ MORE

Permanently improving cheek appearance for more angular chiselled face. (photos)

I have quite saggy cheeks and some deep lines of expression besides some acne scarring collected over the years. I had fat removed from my cheeks... READ MORE

I've lost my heart-shaped face and fear it's due to lost volume in the mid-face. Best approach in dealing with this? (photo)

My face has been rapidly aging the past couple years. My face looks more long/square than the cute heart shape I remember 5 years ago. I've also... READ MORE

What is the best way to slim my fatty round cheeks? (Photos)

I hate how I look when I smile because it causes my face to look very round! My cheeks feel heavy as well, and I'd like a slimmer look. 33 y/o Native... READ MORE

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