6 Weeks Post-op + Cheek Augmentation

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Painful Nerve After Cheek Malar Implant -- Will It Improve?

Nearly 6 weeks ago I had cheek implants at the same time as a face lift. Immediately after the surgery, my left cheek was painful and tender near my... READ MORE

Will Weight Loss Diminish the Results of Cheek Implants?

I recently had cheek implants put in about 6 weeks ago. I'm about 10 lbs above my normal weight at the moment and I was wondering if I lose that... READ MORE

How Successful is Reducing/Taking Out Fat Transfer to Cheeks?

At 6 weeks post-op (face and temporal brow lift with fat transfer to cheeks), I do not like the look of the fat transfer on my cheeks. My face looks... READ MORE

Seroma leaking on one side 6 weeks post Cheek implants procedure.

My right cheek was painful 4 weeks post operation so my PS did a revision and removed excess scar tissue from my right cheek. However it has been 6... READ MORE

Are my cheek implants too low? I have undereye hollows and didn't pre-surgery. (Photo)

I got cheek implants placed 6 weeks ago and asked for the high cheekbone look. I realize there is still swelling but the placement looks and feels... READ MORE

My face looks so puffy. Where exactly is the swelling?

It has been six week now for my cheek implant an 27 age and i used supmalar small size i m so sad for tje result my face look like buffy so big i want... READ MORE

Is pain under cheek implant 6 weeks after surgery, normal?

Dear Doctors, I had a malar implant put in six weeks ago, having just seen my surgeon, he has put me on Antibiotics, because of some swelling, when he... READ MORE

I had my cheek implants 5 weeks back. I have no pain, fever, redness, swelling didn't increase. Is that dangerous?

Hi. its around 2 weeks i got liquid infection coming out from where they inserted the implant in my mouth im getting antibiotics and from yesterday... READ MORE

Cheek implants 1 month and half ago, one side bigger, possible seroma? (Photo)

I have had medpor small malar implants 1 and half month ago. Left side is ok since a log time ago right side is still swollen. Is it normal and I... READ MORE

Orbital rim + cheek implant more swollen on right side after 6 weeks. Any suggestions?

Im a 29 year old male that underwent orbital rim implant and cheek implants. It was put and screwed to the bone. The surgeon said he used longer time... READ MORE

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