5 Ft 8 In To 6 Ft 0 In + Cheek Augmentation

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I Have No Cheeks and a Skinny Face? (photo)

Hi iam 23 years old male , iam 173 cm tall and 58 weight .. iam very skinny Especially my face , my food is good i even drink one litter of milk with... READ MORE

How do I achieve the hollow cheeks?

Hi, How do I achieve the hollow cheeks look male models tend to have. I have fairly high cheekbones but I only see hollow cheeks when I pout which... READ MORE

Will Skin Fill Back In My Cheeks After Weight Loss?

I am 19 yr and 5'8". so at my max I weighed about 185 lbs. Over about a year I got down to 125. I noticed something was wrong, I have loose skin. I... READ MORE

How to Get Chubby Cheeks?

Hi, I am 21 years old Male. I am 5'9" and my weigt is 60 KG. My face is extremely thin. My cheeks look like gone deep inside, making me look weak, old... READ MORE

I need weight on my face? My cheeks are very narrow

I am 23 old male.I am 5.9 feet and 56 kg.My problems is my cheeks are very narrow ehich make my face very ugly.I have tried alot of natural metherds... READ MORE

My cheeks are hollow and sunken. Is this genetic?

I am 17 year old and i look gaunt and old my face looks like anorexic but i started drinking Mass Gainers and Amino i gained a pound and my weight is... READ MORE

Want a more balanced, defined face. What would you recommend? (photo)

I'm 27 years old, height 181cm, weight 60kg. My midface lacks volume and my lower face looks chubby and they don't "connect" well and are out of... READ MORE

What can I do to improve my profile and balance my face? (Photos)

I don't like my nose and the bottom part of my face. My face looks really chubby although I am very thin (135lbs 5 ft 11). I hate my profile and the... READ MORE

Chin augmentation needed, but based on my profile, anything else? (Photo)

5ft 10", 205lbs, 38. I plan on having a chin augmentation procedure performed in early January (NY or LA). I have noticed my neck is also sagging... READ MORE

How can I get these cheekbones (the line) ?

I am a 16 year old male 6' 147lbs and I'm wondering how can I get these cheek bones. I did some research about a muscle called the Zygomaticus Major... READ MORE

Procedures for slimming cheeks and defining jawline??? (photos)

I had a chin implant and the results were really good compares to what I looked like before obviously. But its really my cheeks and round fat face... READ MORE

Cheekbones too large? Facial asymmetry? How to look more attractive (masculine)? (photos)

Hi, 19yo male and I am very self conscious about my appearance. My hair is incredibly thin so I look balding half the time (in fact I think I even may... READ MORE

Options for Asymmetrical Cheeks at 17?

I am a 17 year old female ( about 5"11 and 140 lbs) and I am looking to even out my cheeks. One of my cheeks is larger/fatter than the other (I am... READ MORE

What can I do to contour my face?

I have a very big face but I am only 5 feet 9 inches 160 pounds (not overweight) and I am 21 years old. I have a lot of fat in my cheeks and my... READ MORE

20 years old sagging cheeks. (photo)

Hello i need advice my face seems to sag around the cheek/under eye area. I currently weight 14 stone and i am 5 foot 8 so i need to lose some weight,... READ MORE

I want to have chubby/fuller cheeks. I'm 21 years old boy. I live in Bangladesh. Please help me.

I have this problem over five years.My current body weight is around 59 kg. & height is 5 feet 10 inch.I have stomach problem exactly saying digestion... READ MORE

My cheeks are thin and hollow, how to make cheeks chubbier? (photo)

Sir i am 5'10 and 19 i am so thin i swear i hate my body i hate everything about me ,i have a long face and my cheeks are like they are swallowed... READ MORE

What should I do to get fat on my body and fuller cheeks?

I am 28 years old Male. I am 5'8" and my weight is 55 KG. My face is extremely thin. My cheeks look like oldy , wrinkled whenever I smile. This make... READ MORE

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