3 Weeks Post-op + Cheek Augmentation

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Droopy Eyelids Following Cheek Implants and Rib Graft Rhinoplasty? (photo)

3 weeks ago my 16 year old daughter had a rib graft rhinoplasty to lengthen and build up the height of the nose. The Dr. also placed cheek implants... READ MORE

Can I Remove Cheek Implant After 3 Weeks Surgery?

Hi i had a porex cheek implant sergery 3 weeks ago,and its too big for my face,and still i hav swelling ,and i feel uncomfortable,i look worse... and... READ MORE

Numb and Tight Lip after Cheek Implant Removal.. Can it be resolved and loosen? (Photo)

Hi Dr's. I am 20 days post cheek implant removal. I am experiencing some numbness and lip asymmetry on the right side of lip. The right area of my lip... READ MORE

Cheek Implants Infection, Is It Difficult to Slightly Reposition Them?

3 weeks ago i had cheek augmentation and i realised that the left side is much more puffier in the wrong areas as im a male and i wanted hiigh... READ MORE

Should I redo cheek implants with smaller size? I'm 3 wks post op, look abnormal and exaggerated, especially right one

Please help! Cheek implants look too high and wide for my face! We agreed on a combination malar and sub-malar implant and surgeon said he would use... READ MORE

Can I get a mini facelift /lower bleph at 18 after cheek implant removal?

I feel so upset with myself that I got cheek implants. I regret the procedure and am done with plastic surgery now. However I need to be prepared for... READ MORE

Cheek implants - very obvious and sharp - 17 days post surgery. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had very flat cheek bones and decided to get cheek implants. 17 days post surgery, as the swelling went down that my cheek implants now look quite... READ MORE

Cheek implants 19 days ago, IS SOMETHING GOING WRONG??? (photos)

I'm feeling new pain on left side cheek and near jaw, change (bag) under left eye, redness in left eye, change in shape of left eye, pain when I smile... READ MORE

If I have silastic cheek implants trimmed + shaved down, will the pockets heal to the new size and fix my smiling issue?

I had silastic XL submalar implants put in 3 weeks ago (Dr trimmed them down to a L size but they still have the projection of an XL) & I can... READ MORE

What should my next step be on Monday? Go back to the plastic surgeon to continue treating me or go to an ENT for 2nd opinion?

3 weeks post jowl lift. 5 days post surgery had pain while chewing found a bump in front of right ear lobe. Surgeon suggested we watch it. After 2... READ MORE

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