2 Months Post-op + Cheek Augmentation

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Does the Infraorbital Nerve Affect Sensation of Upper Lip or Movement?

I'm recovering from facial surgery (cheek implant removal) and surgeon mentioned that the infraorbital nerve was not severed during the removal. I... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Tissues to Reattach to Cheekbones After Submalar Implant Removal

How long does it take for a capsule to form around cheek implants, and after removal how long does it take for the tissues to reattach to the bones,... READ MORE

Cheek Implants - Worried About Numbness and Tightness Around Nose

I had cheek implants (medpor screwed into place) by a reputable Max Facial Surgeon. Unfortunately 1wk post op right cheek formed a haematoma which I... READ MORE

Remove Cheek Implants Now or in a Year?

I had cheek implants done about 9 weeks ago, i still have swelling but the implants look too big and uneven, I want them out, but my dr advises that I... READ MORE

Swelling on One Side 7 Weeks After Cheek Implant? (photo)

After surgery it was more swollen than other side. When I moved my head in certain positions or touched certain areas of the implant, it was extremely... READ MORE

Left upper lip numbness after cheek implant removal. Are there solutions to this problem?

Hello Drs, I had malar cheek implants removed 7 weeks ago (they were in for 8 months only) as well as a small amount of fat transferred to my buccal... READ MORE

Is ArteFill a Good Alternative to Cheek Implants?

Had cheek implants about 3 months ago. They got infected and removed. My cheeks are very flat. What are the pros and cons between Fat Transfer and... READ MORE

2 months post op Cheek Implants, if I get them removed, would my face sag?

Since I didn't go to medical school I don't know the ins and outs of tissue reattaching to bone? Please advise on face sagging. I've had my cheek... READ MORE

Cheek implant removal 2 months post op, will my skin sag?

I am 19 years old (Female), I had undergone a cheek implant surgery back in March, the implants that I have are Medpor (Porex) I am not happy at all,... READ MORE

Is it common for cheek implants to be rejected by the body? (Photo)

Two months ago I got large malar shell cheek implants. The left side looks and feels great. The right side is larger, and uncomfortable, but not... READ MORE

Will cheek implants make previous radiesse cheek injection drop?

I had cheek implants two and half months ago. I'm not happy with the result because the area lower than the cheek bone (sides of nose alar base) is... READ MORE

I had a Bichectomy two months ago. How can you tell if buccal fat was extracted from both cheeks?

I was lucky and never felt any pain and I wasn't swollen. It might seemed out there but how can I know if the bucal fat was extracted from both... READ MORE

Cheek implant revision, swollen after 2 months? (Photos)

I had i right medpor removed cause it later was infected. Now I have had it placed back again. Problem is that I feel it is bigger and I am visibly... READ MORE

Can cheek implants put through temple incision be removed through a intra oral incision?

Hi! Im a young lady who had cheek implants through temple incisions 2 months ago. I wonder if I decide to remove my implants due to aging or... READ MORE

I think I have asymmetry at my face more on my lower face, what do you suggest me to do? (photos)

Cheen,cheek augmentation?i am also 2 months after rhinoplasty.i do not want to change my face only to improve what i have already,thank you READ MORE

Can my cheek implant be salvaged?

Hello, I had a malar implant exactly 2 months ago, 2 weeks prior to this, my surgeon prescribed me antibiotics, for swelling. I am going to see my... READ MORE

Lip Numbness + Tightness + Asymmetry after Cheek Implant Removal. Expert Advice Needed (Photo)

Hi Dr's. I am 7 weeks post cheek implant removal and I'm experience numbness and tightness in my lip. My lip is pulling up and away from my midline (... READ MORE

Lymph Damage Or Just Swelling?

I had cheek implants removed 2 months ago and still experiencing swelling that is worse in the morning and then gets better gradually throughout the... READ MORE

Having cheek implants removed after 2 months, how likely is sagging?

I am 19 years old and I am having my 4mm malar medpor cheek implants removed after 2 months of having them. I have heard varying things regarding... READ MORE

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