1 Week Post-op + Cheek Augmentation

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Results of Sculptra and Perlane Cheek Injections Gone After 4 Days

I just had a vial of Sculptra and a cc of Perlane injected in my cheeks to correct asymmetry from cheek implants. I loved how it looked on the day of... READ MORE

6 Days Post Cheek Lipofilling and They are Uneven? (photo)

I have had lipofilling to my cheeks 6 days ago and one cheek seems to be higher than the other. I would like to know if this is due to uneven... READ MORE

Cheek Implants Appear Too Large

I am at the end of week 1 post cheek augmentation. I have considerable swelling across the mid face from upper lip to lower eyelids. The cheek... READ MORE

6 days post op Cheek Augmentation, is it normal to have numbness after Cheek Implants?

Six days ago had cheek augmentaion with pin now left upper lip and half of nose area with implant area numb is this normal and how long before feeling... READ MORE

Are my Cheek Implants Infected? I Cant Get a Straight Answer from my Doctor?

I had cheek implants put in may 1st, it is the 8th and my right side is healing perfectly, but my left side is another story. I went to see my doctor... READ MORE

Is It Normal That I'm Having Firm Round Swelling 1 Week Post-Op Cheek Implants?

7 days ago i got cheek implants. im male who has had buccal fat removal in the past. i wantd to accentuate my cheeks by adding to the cheek bone area... READ MORE

Is Delayed Eye Swelling Normal with Cheek Implants?

I had cheek implants 7 days ago and the initial swelling was as expected around the lip and cheek areas. Over the last day my lower eyelid has swollen... READ MORE

Will my smile go back to 'normal' after Cheek Augmentation?

It's only been a week since I had my cheek bone augmentation so there is still A lot of swelling. I know it takes a few weeks to settle but I'm just... READ MORE

Cheek implants in Medpor, have they moved? (Photo)

I have had surgery one week ago using medpor cheek implants. I had a upper and lower jaw surgery for third class malocclusion 3 years ago and this... READ MORE

Numbness after cheek implants. Is something wrong?

1 week ago i had cheek implants surgery.right cheek feel perfekt,no numbness,no tightness,no more swollen.the left one on the contrary,left side upper... READ MORE

Cheek implants protrude almost 2 centimeters after 1 week post op (Photo)

I got medpor cheek implants (secured by titanium screws) a week ago, and one side is protruding about a centimeter while the other by almost two... READ MORE

Got Medpor Cheek Implants 5 Days Ago - I Think I Have A Seroma/Hematoma! (photo)

I had surgery 5 days ago and had a rhino revision, chin reduction, and Medpor cheek implants at the same time. My entire face is still quite swollen.... READ MORE

Redness in face after Buccal fat extraction. Is this normal?

I had Buccal fat extraction, upper Bleph and Lipo in Jowls, and Chin. I'm 8 days post op and I know the swelling is still normal, but my cheeks are... READ MORE

1 week post op Cheek Augmentation, I have excessive swelling. Is this normal?

Hi- I had buccal removal and slight sub malar cheek implants to reduce my "chipmunk cheeks" one week ago. Since the surgery, my face is HUGE and... READ MORE

Cheek implant removal recovery

I've had my porex cheek implants remove last week after 3 years,it wasn't difficult as I've heard before ,some of them said it's impossible to remove.... READ MORE

Hard palate graft pain. Is this normal?

I had surgery 12/22. Hard palate graft (both eyes) placed in upper cheeks and cantho tightening. Second post op 1/7. Having normal pain, however hard... READ MORE

Will my eye shift back into correct position after cheek implants? (photos)

I got cheek implants 8 days ago, they cut in my eye fat by accident on my left side and now my left eyeball has shifted, it's like pushed up and back.... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a numb side after a bichectomy? 8 days post-op is this a sign of paralysis or nerve damage?

I woke up during surgery and the Dr. literally fought the bag out my right side because it was "hidden and couldn't find it as easy as the one on left... READ MORE

1 week post op Cheek Augmentation, I have extreme swelling. Is this normal?

Hi- I had buccal removal and minor cheek implants one week ago. My face is extremely swollen and HUGE to the point where it looks the exact opposite... READ MORE

I had cheeks implants and rhinoplasty last week - 2nd time doing both.

My nose looks better than the first time now but I'm worried about my cheeks implants,in the first time they were medium so I asked for a bigger... READ MORE

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