1 Month Post-op + Cheek Augmentation

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What Can Cause the Skin to Sag After Cheek Implants Are Removed?

I have read that cheek implant removal can cause the skin to sag. If the implants were large 4mm malar shells in the submalar zone and were in for... READ MORE

Cheek (Malar) and Chin Implants Not Right... Now What?

A month ago, I had cheek & chin implants to add fullness & correct my recessed chin. I have lost the ability to smile and, when I talk, my... READ MORE

How Can I Reduce Swelling After Cheek Implant?

Hi after 4 weeks porex cheek implants sergry i feel really better ,and my cheeks got more natural after that horrible swelling.. i dont want remove... READ MORE

Swelling 1 Month After Buccal Fat Excision and Cheek Implants Normal?

I'm one month post op buccal fat removal and medium malar cheek implants. I naturally had a very thin flat face pre op but now my face is much fatter... READ MORE

Cheek Implants Placed and Removed One Month Later, How Long Will the Recovery Take?

I had 4mm terino silicone shells and 4mm silicone premaxillary implants placed on sep 2nd and removed on sep 28. What sort of healing process should I... READ MORE

Lower Lid Retraction 4 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

Hi. I had cheek implants 4 weeks ago, and am concerned by the severe "drooping" effect of both lower eyelids (implants were inserted through the... READ MORE

Nerve damage or permanent muscle damage? (Photo)

I'm 4 weeks post op chin augmentation and submental lipo. I went to a triple board certified surgeon. My smile is crooked. My bottom lip won't pull... READ MORE

What's the difference between large & med submalar cheek implant? What kind of healing can be expected? (Photo)

I had medium submalar cheek implants done about four weeks ago and while I see an improvement, as the swelling dissolved they are not as large as I... READ MORE

Cheek implant protrusion?

About a month ago I had a small, unilateral cheek implant to restore projection lost from trauma. The projection seems to have been restored, but I'm... READ MORE

After 5 Weeks Porex Cheek Implant Surgery I Have Pain in Right Side, is It Infection?

Hi, after 5 weeks, its a 2 days i hav pain in my right side,i can feel it when i open my mouth and when i eat ,even i cant eat... its painfull when i... READ MORE

Not looking good after cheek implants removal

I had cheek implants removed 1 month ago after having them for 2 years, i am 29, before the implants i a had a defined face and now after the removal... READ MORE

Possible seroma after cheek implants (medpor)? One side still bigger than the other after 5 weeks? (photos)

I have had surgery almost 5 weeks ago. My left cheek is completely normal, my right cheek was and still is Bigger than the other and if i touch it i... READ MORE

Question About Downsizing Cheek Implants - 1.5 Months Post Op (Photo)

I got 4mm Medpor cheek implants but they look WAY too large for my face. They protrude by a lot and look very strange and almost alien-like. The... READ MORE

I had cheek implants 4 weeks ago, is my left side a cause for concern? (Photo)

I had cheek implants 4 weeks ago at a very good surgery. I have had a bit of a pain that comes and goes on the upper left side that sometimes waders... READ MORE

Malar implants, after 5 weeks one side is bigger than the other, and none talked about U shape cuschion. Any suggestion? (photo)

My doctor says everything is normal and it can need up to 6 months to heal completely. It looks like they are taking time. Also they never told me to... READ MORE

CHEEK implant swelling

So I have cheek implant done about a month ago. But somehow the right side is still more swollen then the left side. And it's very noticeable when I... READ MORE

Cheek implants 1 month and one week ago...can I start smoking joints again?

I am not a heavy smoker but i enjoy a joint sometimes. I have stopped before surgery cause i was told to. Can i start to smoke again? Will that... READ MORE

Do doctors assess facial asymmetry before a Cheek Implant procedure? (photo)

I had cheek implants inserted a month ago with a complication -- the tail end of the implant is visible below the cheek. My doctor first stated that... READ MORE

How does a cheek implant procedure alter your face?

I got cheek implants and was wondering if any doctor would be able to inform me how the procedure is done. Do they cut the muscle? it is really... READ MORE

Can Medpor cheek implants be repositioned?

I had male, bilateral, medpor cheek implants implanted about 4 weeks ago without any screws to hold them. i have noticed that the left cheek implant... READ MORE

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