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Results from Synergie Treatment Sessions

Can I expect the same results from having Synergie treatments once a week for an hour instead of twice a week for 30 minutes each? READ MORE

Does Needle-electrolipolysis Work for Cellulite?

I dont have a weight problem,just a little bit of cellulite i want to permanently get rid of. I had 3 sessions and havent seen major results, I talked... READ MORE

I need Immediate results with no bruising for cellulite treatment (like Cellulaze causes). Any suggestions?

Please help! Last minute invite to a vacation, but I'm needing cellulite treatment. Please tell me the best IMMEDIATE short-term results with no... READ MORE

Lumicell Wave 4 VS Lumicell Wave 6? Sessions needed?

Difference between these two models? Will I get great results with the 4? How many Lumicell sessions are needed for cellulite. I'm a size 3... READ MORE

Is there any other approach than surgery that will leave lasting results? (photos)

I am 18 years old and I have been having cellulite since middle school and it is embrassing and uncomfortable when you have to wear multiple clothes... READ MORE

Would it be possible to get to know a bit more on medicine background of the new product on market called Fascia Blaster?

Women claim to see great results - with reducing cellulite and fat cells, but on the other hand some have opinion that it can destroy skin collagen... READ MORE

I'm thinking of doing mesotherapy, should I do it? (Photos)

For cellulite on my butt, legs. areas I would start with first. If all goes well wondering if it will help injecting specific areas targeting lumps on... READ MORE

Does having tight fascia or cellulite affect results?

I'm wondering if tight fascial bands under the skin trap fluids and waste, prevent the dead fat cells from being eliminated. READ MORE

C02 cellulite fat reduction injections info?

Can someone please explain the procedure to me. How many injections? and how long would each injection of C02 last to treat stomach area? How long... READ MORE

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