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Is Velashape a Good Cellulite Treatment?

Is Velashape a good one? What other cellulite treatments is it comparable to? READ MORE

Newest Cellulite Treatment Suggestions?

I've read a number of posting here but majority of them are 10mths or more old. Technology changes fast & some are proven or disproven over... READ MORE

Best Cellulite Treatment? Lipomassage or Subcision

Lipomassage (endermologie)or subcision which one is the best treatment cellulite? thank you READ MORE

Cellulite Treatment at Home

Are there any good at home cellulite treatments? Do any of the so-called home remedies work? (Like coffee grounds as an exfoliator? Or drinking lemon... READ MORE

Arm Cellulite on Slim or Average-bodied Woman?

Is it normal for a 29-year old, average/thin sized female to have cellulite on her arms? I feel very self-conscious in the summer because I do not... READ MORE

What is the best option to remove the cellulite on my thighs?

Is this cellulite or fat on my thighs? exercise doesn't get rid of it... Will Lipo help? READ MORE

Cellulite and Banana Roll - What Are my Options?

I am a 41 yr. old female in good physical shape w/good skin elasticity. I do high intensity cardio 3-5 times a week, combined with yoga and wight... READ MORE

New Cellulite Removal Procedure?

I Heard There Was a New Procedure That Will Be out Soon That Gets Rid of Cellulite. What is It Called? READ MORE

I've heard that taking collagen tablets can help with cellulite. Is this true?

Ive done some research and found a success story of a lady taking Colvita tablets and after 6 months her cellulite had greatly improved. What else can... READ MORE

What's the Best Option for Stubborn Cellulite Other Than Endermologie?

I've had 18 out of 24 endermologie treatments with unsatisfactory results. What is the best treatment for deep embedded cellulite? My shape... READ MORE

Non Surgical Procedures for Thick/Cellulite Infected Lower Legs?

I would do anything to get liposuction to my lower legs but unfortunately I’m in the military, have to wear combat boots and I travel a lot. I... READ MORE

Best for Cellulite on Thighs: Velashape, Lymphatic GX Subdermal Therapy, or Endermologie?

What are the differences and what requires the least amount of sessions? Of course, this assumes weight is maintained with proper diet and exercise.... READ MORE

What is the Best Cellulite Prevention / Treatment for my Age/weight?

I've had cellulite on my rear and thighs for 3 yrs now. My rear is cottage cheese city and the back of my thighs have large horizontal lumps. I do... READ MORE

How can I treat extreme cellulite?

I have had a lot of cellulite my whole life even though I am active, fit and thin. I am 44 years old and cellulite plagues my front, back thigh, knees... READ MORE

Can you remove cellulite on butt with fat transfer injections? (photo)

I am very fit and healthy. All my extra weight goes to my butt! Which is fine, but I noticed that I have a few dimples of cellulite on my butt! Since... READ MORE

Is There a Laser Treatment for Cellulite?

Lasers can do anything these days right?!  So, is there a laser treatment that will smooth out my cellulite?  I'm looking to get rid of... READ MORE

I was wondering whether the use of electro cellulite massager is effective and CACI treatment for firming the body. (Photo)

I have lost 20 kg over 5 years from 100kg to 80kg, I have varicose veins on my legs with a lot of cellulite on the back of my legs and sagging. I am... READ MORE

What's the best cellulite treatment in Los angeles?

I am 5'8 and fluctuate between 118-120 pounds, I eat a paleo diet, one "cheat meal" a week, I don't drink or smoke, I workout 4 days a week strength... READ MORE

Can We Completely Remove Cellulite?

I have a lot of cellulite on my thighs and buttocks , i changed my lifestyle and apply cellulite creams and laser and it looks better by time but i... READ MORE

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