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Comparison Of Treatments For Thigh Cellulite: Thermage/Cool Sculpting/Exilis/Endermologie?

Would someone please provide some guidance on the key differences of Thermage/Cool Sculpting/Endermologie/Exilis? I am 5'4 and weigh 118 lbs, 43... READ MORE

Best Cellulite Treatment Machines

I know there are a bunch of different machines out there to treat cellulite (VelaShape, Synergie, Endermologie etc.). Which ones work the best? I know... READ MORE

How Does Triactive Compare to VelaShape and Accent XL for Cellulite?

I want to get a cellulite treatment for my thighs and butt... not sure what to go with.  VelaShape, Triactive, Accent -- which one is the best... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for Cellulite-Velashape Vs Velasmooth Vs Endermology

I,m 5.4 , 120 pound and I have not much cellulite in my legs and butt , and I have cellulite on my belly, which treatment do you recommend?? what is... READ MORE

Icoone Vs LPG

Which One is the Best and What Are De Differences? READ MORE

Reaction of Velashape II: Which is Better for Cellulite Reduction?

Which One is Better for Cellulite Reduction, Reaction or Velashape II ? READ MORE

Why is there so little information available about the Verju laser for cellulite reduction? (Photo)

Do doctors in the US not rate the Verju, when I can clearly see that it worked for me? I am in the UK and there are only 2 clinics offering the Verju.... READ MORE

How Do You Find out More About Dermasonic Cellulite Treatment?

Does anyone know about device that uses ultrasonic waves? Is there difference between that and some $100 ultrasound machine you can buy for home use?... READ MORE

Trying to decide between Cellulaze/Smart Lipo combo or Cellfina. I am 34 years old, 5'6" and 135lbs. Best approach for me? (Phot

My cellulite appeared at 26 with what I've always felt looks like a deformity on my right outer thigh. It is not a dimple but more of a line/groove of... READ MORE

Awt or Accent XL Which One is More Effective on Cellutie Reduction?

I have been researching these techniques for a long time but still dont have any answer to my question. I have 2. level cellulite on my inner thighs... READ MORE

cellfina or cellulaze for cellulite? Which one works better?

I have moderate cellulite on my thighs and buttocks. I work out every single day, diet, take cold showers, massage, nothing is improving my cellulite.... READ MORE

Icoone vs SmoothShapes

Hi, my girlfriend is considering doing anti-cellulite treatment and the only options that we have are Icoone or SmoothShapes. Kindly can you help in... READ MORE

What is the best/most effective cellulite treatment ?

What is the most effective way to treat cellulite? I've been looking at the different laser treatments and I can tell which is best. READ MORE

Will Cellulite treatment combined with workout give better results?

I've been workingout for losing weight & making my jiggly legs to be firmed. I saw the results but it takes alots of time. So I've been depressed...... READ MORE

How can I get rid of cellulite on my inner thighs? Liposuction or fat transfer?

I have cellulite on both inner thighs...would liposuction get rid of it..or can a fat transfer help to smoothen it out. I have a larger upper body and... READ MORE

How does V-shape compare to other laser or ultrasound-based skin tightening procedures on anterior thighs?

I was recommended V-shape for treatment of "cottage cheese" appearance and rippling on thighs - the kind that will not respond to Cellfina because it... READ MORE

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