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I am 16 Years Old and Have a Cellulite?

Iam a pear shaped body 1.55m and 65kg ,with a flappy things and butt . I could see remarks of cellulite clearly on them and it increases by time . Iam... READ MORE

Cellulite and Banana Roll - What Are my Options?

I am a 41 yr. old female in good physical shape w/good skin elasticity. I do high intensity cardio 3-5 times a week, combined with yoga and wight... READ MORE

What do you recommend to plump up my flattening, sagging rear and cellulite outer thighs? (photo)

I'd like a rounder, plumper and somewhat perkier bottom that looks natural. I've met with 2 docs about BBL. However, I've had liposuction done in most... READ MORE

Trying to decide between Cellulaze/Smart Lipo combo or Cellfina. I am 34 years old, 5'6" and 135lbs. Best approach for me? (Phot

My cellulite appeared at 26 with what I've always felt looks like a deformity on my right outer thigh. It is not a dimple but more of a line/groove of... READ MORE

What non-invasive treatment is best for skin tightening the thigh area and reducing the appearance of cellulite? (photos)

I am 5'10 and 145 lbs. I gained 20 lbs in 2 mos 4 years ago while going through chemo. Due to POF/menopause/hormone issues, I just can't tone my... READ MORE

Cellulite or what?

So my small amt of cellulite is barely noticeable but when I bend over my legs become puckered! I am not sure what this is but I work out 5-7 dys a wk... READ MORE

Pronounced cellulite after laser lipo. Is there anything I can do to treat those problem areas? (Photo)

I had lasers lipo done a year ago. I'm 39, 5'6 I weight 149 lb, fat was removed from my outer and inner thighs. Now I don't like how the back of my... READ MORE

Can cellulite on a slim fit person be taken away after Liposuction and skin tightening...I have no need for abs tightening.

I have had light lipo from belly button down 30 years (lower stomach area only)ago when I was very slim. My weight vacillates with 10 to 12 lb, When... READ MORE

I am looking for a "real" cellulite, leg smoothing and toning solution.

I had candela liposuction in 2008/9 to rid the small dimples I had above my knees. As a result, the surgery caused much more dimpling on my entire leg... READ MORE

Will exercise help cellulite and saddle bags or is surgery my only option?

I am 5'7" 140. I have mild saddlebags and some cellulite that I would like to improve- will exercise and diet decrease this/ improve it? Or is surgery... READ MORE

Which procedure is recommended for flabby cellulite laden legs? (Photo)

Had lipo 7 years ago. Legs looked fabulous for 4 years. Now the legs are horrendous with soft flabby skin and cellulite. Tried ultherapy and leg size... READ MORE

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