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Will Cellulaze Really Work?

I saw a cellulite treatment called Cellulaze on The Doctors last week. It sounds really promising, but so does every other cellulite treatment... READ MORE

Is Cellulaze Really Not an Option for Me? (photo)

I have what I consider to be bad cellulite on the backs of my thighs and butt (I am 24, 125lbs). I recently went for a consultation with a plastic... READ MORE

Cellulaze Combined with Inner Thigh/Knee Lipo?

I am a thin woman with very lumpy thighs, indentations, and a bit of laxity. The problem is most visible in my inner thighs, knee, front of thigh area... READ MORE

Will Fat Injections to Cellulite Dimpling Above Knee and Thigh Be Helpful

I have mass amounts of dimpling above my knees and front and back of thighs. Would fat injections be helpful in reducing the appearance of cellulite... READ MORE

Hard Areas After Cellulaze? (photo)

I had cellulaze in May. I have these retangle size areas in my top thighs that are hard and uncomfortable. They are about 4x6" and hard. The area is... READ MORE

Cellulaze, Thermage or Smart Lipo for Skin Tightening?

I am a thin active woman with cellulite and loose skin on the front of my thighs and knees. I am considering thermage, smartlipo or cellulaze. I do... READ MORE

Lipo on Back of Legs to Enhance Bottom? (photo)

3 weeks ago, I got a Brazilian Butt lift. I had lipo done on my tummy, love handles, arms, bra roll, inner and outer thighs and knees but not back of... READ MORE

Does Cellulaze Work on the Buttocks or Just the Thighs? (photo)

I have met with 3 doctors regarding Cellulaze and concern about dimples on my buttocks. They all have told me that Cellulaze is not effective on those... READ MORE

Can Anyone Have a Cellulaze Treatment?

Does the treatment work better on different skin types and ages of people? Are some people too young or old ever to have this procedure done?  READ MORE

11 Days Post Cellulaze and Have A Puffy/Numb Mass On My Thight? (photo)

Had cellulaze on June 1st. I am aware that the results are more accurate from 3 to 6 months and ofcourse am expecting swelling. However the back side... READ MORE

Cellulaze/Smart Lipo Combo on Legs?

I would like cellulaze on back of my legs and smart lipo from the top of my inner thigh, down to two inches above my knee. I would like to have lipo... READ MORE


It has been 3 months since I have had cellulaze on the back of my thighs and butt. I have discoloration that I pray will go away. How long will this... READ MORE

Spider Veins After Cellulaze?

So after having Cellulaze almost 2 weeks out I now have spider veins on my thighs along with the cellulite that does not look any better what so ever... READ MORE

Cellulaze for a Smaller Amount of Cellulite Question?

I am 47-at my right weight (113 at 5'2")-I workout-eat clean-and I still have cellulite on my back-front-side of thighs (thank you Mom). My Q is: does... READ MORE

Which is better for permanent cellulite reduction - Cellulaze or the BodyFX system?

I have pretty significant cellulite on my thighs. I was considering cellulaze but most people online say they had pain for months and little permanent... READ MORE

Should the Amount of Swelling After Cellulaze Be About the Same on Each Side (Thigh)?

If there is much more swelling on one side/thigh than the other side is this a concern, or is it somewhat expected? READ MORE

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