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What Is The Cost of Cellulaze? Are The Results Permanent?

Hi, I suffer from severe cellulite. I am so excited about this new cellulaze procedure, however I am concerned about the cost..i am wondering if the... READ MORE

What is Cellulaze?

I've heard of a cellulite treatment called Cellulaze. What exactly is it, and does it work? READ MORE

Cellulaze, Thermage or Smart Lipo for Skin Tightening?

I am a thin active woman with cellulite and loose skin on the front of my thighs and knees. I am considering thermage, smartlipo or cellulaze. I do... READ MORE

Does the Cost of Cellulaze Vary Depending on the Severity / Grade of the Cellulite?

Is the cost assigned per area regardless of how bad the cellulite is, or does the the severity of the case factor into the cost as well? READ MORE

Will People Other Than Doctors Be Able to Do Cellulaze.

If a person find an office or clinic that offers Cellulaze can they assume they have been well trained by the company that offers Cellulaze, or will... READ MORE

I really want my cellulite improved. Is TightFX the same as Cellulase? If not, how do they differ?

I had Aquajet lipo to thighs and abdomen and a laser called 'TightFX' at the same time, to help tighten the skin on my thighs and abdomen using the... READ MORE

If YOU had cellulite, what would you do to treat it?

Imagine you were a regular person, had a limited budget, and needed to eliminate your cellulite. READ MORE

Best cellulite treatment?

I am very young and also very thin, I workout 6 days a week but still have cellulite on my bum/back of thighs. It isn't bad, but it really bothers me.... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift, Butt Augmentation? What is Realistic for Me? (photo)

As with my breasts I'm looking to give my trunk some junk, I have uploaded a pic, of something SIMILIAR to what my butt looks like and want to know... READ MORE

Cellulaze after lipo. I have scar tissue, I'm sure from my previous lipo. Is this a good path to take?

I have lipo done 7 years ago, now after two kids, my thighs have cellulite, I went to see a PS and was told not to redo lipo but rather cellulaze, he... READ MORE

Does this sound like cellulaze?

I recently saw on instagram a video of a procedure where a plastic surgeon was pushing the cellulite out of an incision he made? the caption was just... READ MORE

Whats the best treatment to restore some volume and lift the buttocks to take away a dimpled appearance? Does Cellulaze work?

I'm 38.The buttocks have dropped slightly as a result of a desk job & a loss of collagen and muscle. The area where the buttocks have dropped... READ MORE

Can Cellulaze help with the Cellulite-like dimples resulting from Glatiramer Acetate injections?

RRMS and resulting Cellulite at injection sites, (remedy?) I have RRMS and the glatiramer acetate (Copaxone I take, subcutaneous injection leaves... READ MORE

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