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Is Cellulaze Really Not an Option for Me? (photo)

I have what I consider to be bad cellulite on the backs of my thighs and butt (I am 24, 125lbs). I recently went for a consultation with a plastic... READ MORE

Loose Saggy Butt As Result of Cellulaze? Thanks Very Much for Your Reply.

A couple of RealSelf Cellulaze reviewers have noted they have loose and saggy skin on their butt (which causes their butt to look/feel saggy) several... READ MORE

Does Cellulaze Work on the Buttocks or Just the Thighs? (photo)

I have met with 3 doctors regarding Cellulaze and concern about dimples on my buttocks. They all have told me that Cellulaze is not effective on those... READ MORE


It has been 3 months since I have had cellulaze on the back of my thighs and butt. I have discoloration that I pray will go away. How long will this... READ MORE

Most effective Treatment for cellulite- dimpled, saggy tissue on butt, and posterior thighs with excess flank fat?

31 year-old, healthy, active, wife and mother. Non-smoker. No Meds. Takes fish-oil, D3, and multivitamin daily. Here's the thing, I actually look... READ MORE

After lipo to outer saddlebags and below buttocks 10 yrs ago, cellulite is still bad, also front of thighs (Photo)

Can cellulaze be used on areas where I had lipo and can you treat the front of thighs too READ MORE

Can cellulaze cause sagging?

I am interested in getting cellulaze for my cellulite on my posterior thighs and buttocks. I am wondering if cellulaze of this area would result in my... READ MORE

Cellulaze - Comparing Quotes, Which One?

I have had cellulaze consultations for the buttocks and back of thigh area from two different doctors. One says the procedure will take 5 hours, the... READ MORE

Best cellulite treatment?

I am very young and also very thin, I workout 6 days a week but still have cellulite on my bum/back of thighs. It isn't bad, but it really bothers me.... READ MORE

Can Lazer or Cellulaze be performed in Buttock area that was filled with silicon over 11 years ago? (Photo)

Full body massage has caused severe dimples in buttock area, appears like Celullite, silicone injection were done 11 years ago causing no side... READ MORE

I am very interested in Cellulaze on thighs and buttox. (photos)

Who is the best doctor to perform cellulaze in us. I am prepared to fly to where ever doctor is. I have had 4 children, and finally trying to get in... READ MORE

Is it true that with Cellulaze you only need ONE treatment? Is your back of thigh to buttocks considered one area?

I consider back of thigh and buttocks one large area being that all other treatment vela shap smoothe shapes etc was that way. I am guessing front... READ MORE

Will Cellulaze allow the skin and fat to drop on buttocks if the area is pulled back by several dimples?

Hello Thank you for your time. When severing the bands or connective tissue with cellulaze on areas that look flat and held back by dimples, will the... READ MORE

Why did I feel the burning and stinging of cellulaze on my buttocks and thighs?

I just finished getting cellulaze done on my buttocks and thighs. I was awake during the procedure and even though I was injected with anesthesia, I... READ MORE

Purified silicone and cellulaze?

Dear all, I have cellulitis onder my buttocks with some superficial holes. I wanted a solution for this and my doctor propose to minimize de holes... READ MORE

I have a slight bruising 1 year after cellulaze. s it normal for bruising to last so long? (photos)

I had cellulaze on the back of my thighs and buttocks 1 year ago. A section of the back of my thighs is still slightly bruised from the procedure... READ MORE

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