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Cellulaze for a Smaller Amount of Cellulite Question?

I am 47-at my right weight (113 at 5'2")-I workout-eat clean-and I still have cellulite on my back-front-side of thighs (thank you Mom). My Q is: does... READ MORE

Would I Be a Good Candiadate for Cellulaze? (photo)

It's not being done in my state yet. I recently contacted Dr office in Texas and was told that they will not treat out of state patients. Is this the... READ MORE

Cellulaze and Lipo Combo?

Anyone had success with using cellulaze to tighten skin with moderate stretch marks when performing lipo. I really don't want tummy tuck, but have... READ MORE

What Areas of the Body Can Be Treated with Cellulaze?

I am a 51 year old female at a healthy body weight. I developed cellulite in my calves during the last decade or so. I feel very uncomfortable wearing... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; ThermiLift vs Cellulaze?

I have started looking into Thermi lift and everything I read looks positive. I had cellulaze a year ago and am disappointed with the results so am... READ MORE

Does Cellulaze tighten sagging skin, specifically upper thighs? Compare to Thermage & Velashape, effectiveness & price?

I was originally looking into thermage for treatment of upper thighs. I am 53 years old, 5'8" and 115 lbs. I have been a runner all my life and active... READ MORE

Will cellulaze address dimply somewhat loose skin above my knees?

Will cellulaze help tighten looser dimply skin on the front of my thighs and above my knees? I am 48, in good shape and already at my best weight.... READ MORE

I had cellulaze and it didn't work. What are my options?

I had celluaze does on the back of my thighs. I t didn't work. I am 51 and very athletic at 5'6" 128 lbs. My legs look awful. When I slightly pull my... READ MORE

56 years old- want to lose 50 pounds- (have lost 35), should I lose more weight before getting Cellulaze?

I have a good facility that will do the cryolipolisis- and lipo laser- OR should I go for a new place and try the Vanquish!? followed by cellulose!? I... READ MORE

Is Cellulaze an option to help? (Photo)

45yrs old have cellulite since 19, was told it is hereditary (is that true) I would like help to reduce at least 55% or better. Have not worn shorts... READ MORE

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