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Does Carboxytherapy Work on Stretch Marks?

I've had stretch marks on my arms, forearms and shoulders ever since I was 12 years old. I gained a lot of weight as a pre-teen and teenager and have... READ MORE

Female, 17 with stretch marks. Wondering what kind of procedure would be effective for me, I've thought of Carboxytherapy.

I have these stretch marks all over my hips, rear end, thighs, knees and behind my knees. And just a tiny bit behind both elbows. Sadly, I am really... READ MORE

How often should Carboxytherapy be performed?

I want to have carboxytherapy for the stretch marks on my tummy. Can you please tell me how far apart the treatments of carboxytherapy need to be... READ MORE

I wanna know if carboxytherapy make white stretch marks disappear? And if ultraviolet makes hypopigmented areas disappear?

Iam 23 years old female I have white stretch marks in my back knees .. And I wanna know if carboxy therapy will make them disappear or just reduce it ... READ MORE

Is it possible to have my white stretch marks removed or I am just dreaming?

I use olive oil and stay in the steam room for 15 mins..I am really desperate to remove my stretch marks i dont want surgery and my doctor said i can... READ MORE

Does Carbon dioxide therapy kill fat cells?

If I was to get carbon dioxide therapy on breasts for stretchmarks would this reduce the size of my breasts. I heard it works very well for stretch marks. READ MORE

Carboxytherapy Vs Dermaroller for White Stretch Marks?

I'm trying to get rid of them or at least improve them substantially. Can someone tell me which they think is more effective between carboxytherapy... READ MORE

Can Carboxytherapy Lessen the Size of Stretch Marks? Are They Safe on a Brown-skinned Patient with a Few Lighter Stretch Marks?

I have brown skin. On my stomach, I have a few stretch marks from weight gain. Can Carboxytherapy lessen their size? I have seen a lot of promising... READ MORE

Carboxytherapy for stretch marks in the Kentucky/Ohio/Indiana area?

I am in Lexington, Kentucky and am very interested in trying carboxytherapy for some old stretch marks. I've tried everything from Fraxel laser to... READ MORE

Where can I get carboxytherapy in Las Vegas?

I have stretch marks on my belly from pregnancy, and have been reading up a lot on carboxy/ carbossi therapy. However, I can't seem to find a provider... READ MORE

Blemishes after carboxytherapy. What's wrong? (Photo)

I had carboxytherapy about 2 months ago in order to improve my strechmarks. Procedure was done using stapler-like machine instead of just needle. It... READ MORE

is carboxytherapy a better option than micro needling in treating stretch marks? (Photo)

I have been getting mild stretch marks all over my body . I'm skinny and haven't had any weight changes so I don't know the cause . I've ruled out... READ MORE

Any doctors in Seattle who perform Carboxytherapy and pulsed dye laser for stretch marks ?

I have a friend from Brazil that has had a lot of success with carboxy but unfortunately I can't travel that far just for strech mark treatments..... READ MORE

Carboxytherapy for stretch marks.

Are there any physicians in Southern California that specialize in carboxytherapy for stretchmarks? READ MORE

Does anyone know of any doctors in Tennessee that offer carboxytherapy for stretch marks?

I live in the Nashville area. I have heard of people experiencing good results/visible improvement of stretch marks from carboxytherapy. I have... READ MORE

Carboxytherapy for white stretch marks in nc

Plz i want help carboxytherapy the best for removing or improving old white stretch marks ? and plz where can i found it in((north carolina))... READ MORE

Carboxytherapy vs ProCell for stretch marks, loose skin, and cellulite? (photo)

Would one suffice or should both be done for complete effectiveness? I am covered in stretch marks and loose skin after an illness that I was on... READ MORE

Does the carboxytherapy for stretch marks gives permanent improvement?

And what are the other treatments for matured whitish silverish stretch marks. Thanks READ MORE

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