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Is Carboxytherapy Safe?

I'm a 52-year-old female and I have severe dark circles all around my eyes. I want to have a Carboxytherapy procedure, and I want to know if it's safe... READ MORE

My Question is About Dar Circles Under Eyes?

Im 19 years old male and i have dark circles under eyes which is very bad looking , i really need to treat it,i made the carboxytherapy 5 times, every... READ MORE

I'm going for my first carboxtheraphy for my under eye. Is it safe?

I'm worried that I might have a reaction and that it might look worse. Carboxtheraphy on dark circles READ MORE

Is carboxytherapy for removing dark circles safe?

I have severe dark circles all around my eyes. One of the dermatologist recommended carboxytherapy to me. I want scared as around eyes area is very... READ MORE

Malar bags/Pre festoons on a 20 year old?

I have recently had an unpleasant experience with carboxytherapy for the eyes, which I just found out that it is a treatment that's not approved by... READ MORE

Is there any risk of eye hollow after carboxytherpy for dark circles ?

I have dark circles and eye hollow too so I afraid of hollows become deep after therapy! cos. Co2 work on fat metabolism READ MORE

Would you recommend Carboxytherapy?

I have severe dark circles and I am afraid of doing fillers and heard about carboxytherapy. My dark circles are hereditary and I have tried many... READ MORE

Carboxytherapy Before Hyaluronic Acid Injection for under eyes.

Hi, I'm 23 . I have darkness, fine lines and hollows under eyes. I need to know what to do first. The Carboxytherapy for darkness and wrinkles and the... READ MORE

Carboxytherapy for bags and circles?

Have dark circels and bags under my eyes. I realy get a complex of that. I live in belgium, here i found 1 adress were they do that. So here nobody... READ MORE

Carboxytherapy for Dark Circles on Eyes?

Hello, I have severe dark circles all around my eyes since I was a teenager (I am 52 years old now). I'm planning to see a plastic surgeon to have a... READ MORE

Does Carboxytherapy Work for Under Eye Circles?

Does Carboxytherapy work for under eye circles? I had one treatment! READ MORE

Should I do laser or carboxy therapy for under eye circles?

I have really dark circles under and on top of eyes. The doctor told me I can do laser or carboxy or a combination of both. To save money and get... READ MORE

Can Carboxytherapy make dark circles worse?

I've had one carboxytherapy treatment. There was minimal swelling, though I didn't feel the 'warm rush' of blood that the doctor said may happen... READ MORE

Is carboxytherapy safe around the eyes + will it stretch the skin making wrinkles worse? (Photo)

I am a 30yo female with pale skin and dark circles. This is probably due to multiple factors: genetics, lack of sleep, hollows in face structure,... READ MORE

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