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What's the Best Solution for Uneven Calves After an Injury?

I had a football injury about 2 years ago to my right leg n the calf is significantly smaller than the other cuz of nerve damage n i cant build muscle... READ MORE

How Far Can Medial Sub-fascial Calf Implants Extend into the Lower Leg? (photo)

Theoretically since the implant is above the muscle and below the fascia, would it be possible to extend the implant into the lower leg/shin area,... READ MORE

What is the Best Method for Correcting Severely Atrophied Calf Muscles and Ankles Due to Club Feet?

My goal is to obtain a natural and anatomically correct look to my legs. I’ve considered fat transfer but perhaps a combination would work best... READ MORE

What can I do about skinny legs?

My legs are skinny in compare of the rest of my body, not only my calf are thin but my tights and hips are too - I have no hips. What can I do? READ MORE

Fat Transfer to My Ankles. Is This an Option?

Hi ive recently had calf augmentation with implants and i just feel that although im happpy with the area being augmented im not entirely happy with... READ MORE

Is Silicone An Option For Calf Implants?

I Want Bigger Legs Frim the Knee Down, is Silicone an Option for That? I Want Fuller Calfs and Ankles READ MORE

Please I need advice and help with my skinny legs (Photo)

I need advice with my skinny legs! what's the best option for surgeries to obtaining more beautiful and bigger legs. I went to see a surgeon couple of... READ MORE

How to increase lower leg (ankle & lower 1/3 of calf) mass due to muscle atrophy (CMT)?

I suffer from Charcoot Murray Tooth disease and as a result have incredibly thin calves and ankles. I am extremely embarrassed about them as I am 6'6"... READ MORE

Noninvasive procedures for cankles? (Photo)

I've had lipo of the lower calves and ankles. The calves got somewhat better (except some permanent scarring, bruising and swelling on the inner left... READ MORE

Will anything help me make my calves bigger, like steroids or supplements? (Photo)

I am born with clubbed feet, yes both, and i want my calves to get bigger or look normal at least. Is there anything that would help lile steroids or... READ MORE

Is there a surgery that can help make my calves smaller and make the stretchmarks gone?

I have stretchmarks from bottom of my calves to top of my butt. its completely embarrassing READ MORE

Why did my calf Implants not make any difference? (Photos)

I had my calf implants operation 5 days ago and am frustraited about how minimal difference it made. I got two implants on each leg (60CC with and 160... READ MORE

How to improve lower arms and legs? (Photo)

I have a wide hips and my butt and thighs are okay except for my extremities which obviously looks disproportionate with my body. my bones (knees and... READ MORE

What procedure is the best and most effective in reducing calf muscle? (Photo)

I have very prominent lateral and medial gastrocnemius calve muscles. My calves currently have a circumference of 15inches at the widest area. I am... READ MORE

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