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What Can Be Done About Extremely Thin Legs?

I have the skinniest legs imaginable. I am certain it is a genetic condition in my family because my dad, brother and first cousin (all males) have... READ MORE

I have really skinny legs (ankles) and I hate it. Is there anything possible I can do please? (photos)

I just wanna add some fat on them to be able to feel comfortable and normal there has to be something that can be done READ MORE

Is there a Non Surgical Solution to extremely skinny legs? (photo)

My extreme skinny legs are really depressing me, years of bullying and teasing about them, I have resorting to wear 6-7 socks a day which has caused... READ MORE

Why my legs and hands are so skinny? Other parts in body are normal. (photo)

My hands and legs were so skinny.After went to gym it became normal except for the bones(example my fingers are so skinny , ankle,bottom of legs are... READ MORE

I have really skinny legs. My calfs are small including my ankles. What can I do to make these look fuller and bigger? (photo)

I don't wear shorts , skirts because of my legs . I want them to look bigger and more fuller so I can wear shorts . I'm getting really frustrated... READ MORE

Improving Male Lower Body Contours?

How can I bulk up my super skinny lower body? I am a 33 year old man with a lower body of a 10 year old, my legs below my knees are like twigs. I... READ MORE

Central Florida Calf Implants Doctor Recommendations

Does anybody know a doctor in Central Florida who specializes in calf implants for women please? READ MORE

What can I do about skinny legs?

My legs are skinny in compare of the rest of my body, not only my calf are thin but my tights and hips are too - I have no hips. What can I do? READ MORE

Would you recommend one or two calf implants per each leg? (photos)

Dear Doctors, I am 40 yo male planning to undergo calf implants surgery. My doctor advised me that he would insert only one implant on inner side of a... READ MORE

How can I get rid of skinny legs?

I was born club footed and was told my calves will never grow large as they should so ive tried weights and been to gym Therapy but they still are... READ MORE

Should I get calf implants? I don't like my legs that much. (photos)

I was thinking about getting calf implants but it's very expensive I don't want to waste my money. READ MORE

Still have significant swelling and pain in my right calf 7 months after surgery. Pain is only after exercise on the leg.

IHad surgery on left and right calfs in September 2013. The left leg healed fine. The right left started to swell up significantly and was painful... READ MORE

Will calf implants improve my abnormally skinny legs? (photos)

Dear Doctors. I am 41 yo male, 6"1 tall, 165 pounds. My legs and calves are abnormally skinny. Will calf implants improve and balance my body contour?... READ MORE

Skinny chicken legs. Implants or Fat Transfer? Which is the best procedure? If implants, what type of implants?

I am considering Calf leg implant, I understand there are so many types out there. What implant would you recommend and is implant better than fat... READ MORE

Is the calf and leg augmentation with fat graft can resolve the bow leg? (photos)

I have a price quotation regarding this matter and it cost $15,500 with a deposit of $3000. Thru sending selfie pics through email accepted as a good... READ MORE

Still bruised and bleeding around calf implant. Should I be worried about this? (photos)

7 days after calf implant surgery, I had to fly back. A 14 hour long flight. I had my compression socks on, took some aspirin and was occasionally... READ MORE

Thick thigh, Skinny Legs. Any suggestions? (photos)

My thighs are tick and my lower legs are skinny, my Skinny calves and ankles gives me serious low esteem, to the extent I don't wear skirts, short... READ MORE

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