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Calf Augmentation and Risks of Implant Movement

I have been wanting calf implants for a while, but have been concerned with the long term risks, mainly with playing contact sports and doing... READ MORE

Swelling After Calf Implants

I had calf implants done in 2001. The left leg has always been more swollen but now it's become very visible. There is slight pain and it feels very... READ MORE

Calf Augmentation with Implants- Swelling for 3 Months. When Will I See Final Result?

I had calf augmentation with implants 3 months ago. The implants were placed my by surgeon on both sides (medial and lateral). I'm really worried... READ MORE

Calf Implant Leaking/leaching Silicone into the Blood?

I have had a single calf implant for almost 10 years with no issues. I am wondering if there is a possibility of the implant breaking down over time... READ MORE

My Incision Won't Close Due to Persistent Seroma. I'm I Getting the Right Advice?

I am over 2 months post calf implant surgery. My incision has completely opened twice due to persistent seroma and shows no signs of letting up. (no... READ MORE

Calf Implants; Unsure of the Asymmetry?

Recently i had calf implants. i had two on each leg. i love the result and yes the implants are the "right" size for me. my doctor did say... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to My Ankles. Is This an Option?

Hi ive recently had calf augmentation with implants and i just feel that although im happpy with the area being augmented im not entirely happy with... READ MORE

Help with Skin Necrosis Healing After Calf Implant? (photo)

20's male born with club foot. I just had a medial calf implant put in. Through this process i have developed what ive come to find out is Skin... READ MORE

Pain in Heels After Calf Augmentation?

I underwent calf augmentation in April this year and am having a lot of sharp pains along the outside of my heals and underneath my heels. I am... READ MORE

Calf Implant Removal

I am looking for a doctor with calf explant and augmentation expertise who can remove my 3.5 year old medial and lateral calf implants. I no longer... READ MORE

Do Any Doctors in the US Use GEL Calf Implants Instead of Hard Silicone? (photo)

I had hard silicone calf implants about 10 years ago and not only did they look abnormal from behind (2 in each leg), they were too hard and I... READ MORE

Are calf implants supposed to feel hard like plastic or soft like muscle tissue?

I Had calf implants surgery performed approximately 12 years ago in La Jolla California. The plastic surgeon didn't seem to know which catalog to... READ MORE

What can I do if my wound has opened post calf augmentation surgery . Also cannot straighten my leg 3 weeks post op

27/m with calf implant op 3 weeks ago. still have a limp in 1 leg due to not being able to straighten my knee. went to see my dr yest he had concerns... READ MORE

Still bruised and bleeding around calf implant. Should I be worried about this? (photos)

7 days after calf implant surgery, I had to fly back. A 14 hour long flight. I had my compression socks on, took some aspirin and was occasionally... READ MORE

Just done my calf implants, two in each legs, and the outer implants are uneven. How soon can I have a revision?

First post-op follow up appoitment is tomorrow, but I can tell already that outter implants are uneven - one is placed too high. What is the best time... READ MORE

My right leg hurts really bad after calf implants. Please help! Medication isn't helping my pain anymore.

Got my implants 2 weeks ago and love my results.Last days I walked almost with nopain.after shower I noticed that my right leg was hard compared to... READ MORE

I have a swollen lower leg after calf implant. Should I be worried? (Photo)

Hello, I made a calf augmentation surgery in my right leg in about 25 days ago, and the leg is still very swollen, in the morning leg is not swollen,... READ MORE

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