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Will Butt Lift Help with Loose Skin Due to Rapid Weight Loss?

Hi, I'm a young male in my early twenties and I am seriously considering surgery for my posterior. The problem is, I'm not exactly sure of what I... READ MORE

Is This Cellulite or is my Butt Deformed? (photo)

I've had this imperfection on my buttocks since I was 20 I am now 24. Due to weight loss this dent/imperfection is now more noticeable. I have had... READ MORE

3 Week Post Op from Lower Body Lift/thigh Lift/ and Butt Lift. Not Happy w/ Butt.

Lost 150 pounds from lapband. My main concern was my bottom and thigh area & stressed to the dr. to make my bottom perky and thighs very tight. My... READ MORE

Butt Lift/ Brazilian Butt Lift NOT the Same Thing?

I have sagging skin due to weight Lost. I have sagging skin in my inner thighs and my butt area. I was considering a BBL to get a larger/ shapely butt... READ MORE

What is the recommended procedure for my butt after significant weight loss? (photos)

I've had big weight loss, almost 6 stone and my bottom half has suffered. What would be best procedure for my butt? READ MORE

How can a butt lift be done if an individual does not have excess fat for grafting?

I am a petite woman who lost some weight which caused my buttocks to drop and no longer have that full bubble look it once did. However, I have no... READ MORE

Follow-up: What kind of butt lift or lipo for a round lower butt? (photo)

Lost a lot of weight and am left with these awful pockets of fat/loose skin at the bottom of my butt, in the middle. (Circled area) I want to know... READ MORE

What is the recovery like for a Butt Lift? NOT a Brazilian Butt Lift - just skin removal.

I had a tummy tuck and now have decided to get a butt lift as well. I do not want any implants or fat transfer, etc. So I was wondering what the... READ MORE

Is it normal to see a vertical/upper extension of the intergluteal cleft[1] after butt lift/body lift surgery?

The butt lift looks good but there is a peculiar ~1-inch extension of the 'butt crack' that slightly mars the results. I had lost 50 lbs 10 yrs ago,... READ MORE

Can I improve my saggy butt?

I am a 59yr old man - I lost 7o pounds - I am now 6'1 and 180lbs - was determined to be be in peak shape for my sixtieth birthday. I have a ripped... READ MORE

After a butt lift am left with shelving on one side, would fat grafting/ liposuction work?

Recently, I've lost some weight and had some loose skin on sides and lower back areas; Question? A buttock lift was performed to rid me of the excess... READ MORE

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