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How Do I Fix a Double Crease Under My Butt?

I Seem to Have a Double Crease Under my Butt, One Line Under the Other. Was Windering How This Would Be Fixed and How Much would it typically cost?? i... READ MORE

How to Get Rounder, Plumper Butt?

I'm totally in need of a lift or something. I have somewhat of a butt, it's wide and long. It needs to be rounder and plump. How can one go about... READ MORE

Butt Lift Without Fat Transfer/injections or Implants?

I m 22 years old, semi flat so I would like to know if its possilbe to do a butt lift without fat transfer as i m not chubby, or butt implants or... READ MORE

What Surgery Will You Recommend for Major Saddle Bags and Saggy Butt?

What Surgery Will You Recommend for Major Saddle Bags and Saggy Butt? READ MORE

52 year old man, sagging butt due to weight loss

I am a 52 year old man - due to weight loss my butt has sagged and become wrinkled - what do i do? READ MORE

I need help with "banana roll" area and saggy butt. (Photo)

My photos aren't that clear and do not reflect how loose, lumpy and saggy my thighs/butt are. I had a "butt lift" four yrs ago when I was at a thinner... READ MORE

No scalpel butt lift?

Dr. Simon Ourian offers what he calls a non scalpel butt lift. He uses some type of filler instead of fat. I'm looking for a doctor in my area that... READ MORE

Any Alternatives to Butt Lift to Help Posterior?

Want to have tummy tuck and breast augmentation but also need some work on my buttocks. What is an alternative to butt lift? READ MORE

I have saggy and shapeless butt with cellulite and stretch marks. What is the best and long-lasting solution? (Photo)

My entire body skin is lose as there is no elasticity and I want to get butt lift and breast too what is the best and long lasting solution for this ?... READ MORE

Butt Lift Scar Revision Possible?

I would like to know if its possible to raise or review the location of my scars from around my butt and outer least into a standard... READ MORE

Would Getting Pregnant Help Stretch out my Too Tight Groin and Pelvic Slope After Belt Lipectomy? (photo)

I'm running out of options. I need more skin to cover front of body that was shortsheeted or somthing. Quadricep functionality swaddled too tight... READ MORE

Unhappy With Buttocks Lift Asymmetrical Incisions. How To Approach Revision?

I had an inner thigh lift and a buttocks lift 9 weeks ago. The Doctor stated he would make an incision on each side from the groin underneath the... READ MORE

Buttlift on fat person - I am 5ft 4". I weight 190-200lbs. What are my options. (photo)

I am 5ft 4". I weight 190-200lbs. What are my options. I want to be curvy I feel like a box. My measurements are 36-38-45 What should I do lose... READ MORE

How much for butt lift and lipo...are both needed? Will I have that thick body with small waist I want? (Photo)

Well Lil on me I'm 21, 5'3", 200 PDs. I have booty but I want more of a poke. Its hard to tell as well cause of me also having a belly what should i... READ MORE

Do I need a butt lift, fat transfer, or butt implants?

Do I need a butt lift, fat transfer, or butt implants? I've always had a flat backside. Would like a "little" more volume and some lift. What is the... READ MORE

I am 24 with a fat but flat butt. I need it to be fuller with a lift because it's low, but I don't want implants.

How can I get ot done??? What is recommended? ??? Would it cause any side effects??? Abnormalities after ther procedure? ??? Is it 100% safe the... READ MORE

Desiring more uniform/feminine lower curve -- butt lift, whatever else may be necessary? (photo)

Yeah-- my more 'masculine' shape is v evidently.... unfavorable. I's like to have some more matter where my legs meet the rest of my body to get that... READ MORE

Butt reduction vs. butt lift with auto augmentation? (Photo)

All along I thought a butt lift will reduce the size of my butt. After my recent consultation I think I might be making a mistake. I have lost 75... READ MORE

What are my options for thighs/butt? (Photo)

I know a butt/thigh lift would help...but is there anything non surgical that would improve the area? Injections of some kind maybe? Thanks READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to make my butt look perkier, and not so droopy? (Photo)

I've lost a lot of weight in the past. It's very frustrating because I workout a lot, but my butt still looks very saggy and droopy. I want it to look... READ MORE

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