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What Butt implants will increase volume & bring out my hips? What placement will look natural?

Going for Butt Implants because doctor said I don't have enough fat for Brazilian Butt Lift.  I would like to know can my partner feel the butt... READ MORE

What implant shape is better for fullness at the top of the butt, oval or round? (Photo)

I am 5'0" tall, and I have a naturally oval shaped butt with more volume at the bottom than top. I want to achieve a round butt with a bubble... READ MORE

When I will be able to do exercise (cardio,weights,etc) after butt implant surgery? (Photo)

I'm very active as for exercise. I'm very curious when I will be able to exercise after surgery. I considered fat transfer but i read that it can... READ MORE

Buttock implants. oval or round? (photos)

Hello Doctors, I am 5.5' , 120 lb. My buttock measurements are width 14 cm and height 16 cm. I would like to have buttock implants but I am not sure... READ MORE

What implant size and shape should I ask for? (photos)

Im skinny small legs 5"4 120 pounds and im not flat i just want a lil more of volume READ MORE

More explanation on my request. Oval vs round? What volume and projection? (Photo)

My English is not very good, sorry. I repose my request... I again made nothing for my buttocks. I wish be put implants + fat transfer for the... READ MORE

Can you tell someone has a butt implant by grabbing their butt? Is the complication/redo rate high? (Photos)

Honestly i dont like the idea of implant but i want more volume and curve, i exercise alot but still cant get a bubble butt. im too skinny to get fat... READ MORE

How much is the cost for butt implants with fat grafting? (Photos)

I'm very unhappy with the volume/size of my butt. I've been doing squats for two years at the gym and while this has helped me go from a complete flat... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Butt implants or fat transfer??

So Iam goin back and forth with my decision. Iam a very skinny person but I would prefer a fat transfer because Iam a lil scared of implants since... READ MORE

I need butt implants to counterbalance my wide shoulders!! And I'm a transwoman, I have 22 inch shoulder that is pretty wide

I am an 18 year old transwoman. 176 cm tall 60 kg weight and an average body and I can say I am perfectly healthy. I want to counter balance wide... READ MORE

Not having enough fat to do a Brazilian Butt Lift.

Hi I have been thinking about having a BBL but I dont have any fat..:( I work out a lot and I have a nice fisic but regarles of what i do my butt is... READ MORE

Butt implants with fat grafting to hips, how much volume could I add for my body type? (Photos)

I've always wished I had more curves, as my body type is very ruler-like. Im 5'10, 140lbs, sz 4. I want butt implants, but that will not add any... READ MORE

How much to butt implants that are really big cost in Los angeles ?

I want to go VERY big and really round. I want more volume at the top, kind of like a shelf look. READ MORE

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