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How Long Should I Wait for Butt Implants After a BBL? (photo)

Had BBL done nine weeks ago you can see from pics there is no projection at all. I had 2300ccs lipoid off and 800cc placed into each cheek. Were the... READ MORE

How do butt implants feel - for me and others? How long until they become comfortable?

I think I'm going to get implants but I am concerned of how they will feel!!! Both to myself and to others. How long till they become comfortable?... READ MORE

BBL or implants? Do implants have to be redone after 10 years? How long does it take to get used to them? (Photo)

I was told the fat transfer doesn't last and I don't have enough to really give me projection and roundness. I am 5'2" and 145lbs 33% body fat. One... READ MORE

After Butt Implants, how should I travel home from the hospital? Can I sit down? How long until the drains are removed?

How do I travel home from hospital (in a cab) rite after butt implant surgery as I am not supposed to sit ? and how long after surgery do drains come... READ MORE

After Having a Baby How Long Do I Have to Wait to Get Butt Implants?

I'm having a baby and I am wondering how long after having my baby I can get my producer done I'm interesting in getting butt implants?.. READ MORE

Are buttock implants comfortable when sitting for LONG periods of time (e.g., plane flights, long drives, etc.)?

I know we do not technically "sit" where the implants are placed. But how many of us really have good posture or sit with perfect posture at all... READ MORE

3 Days Post-op: Will my butt get bigger with time or smaller? (Photos)

After getting butt implants can you walk a lot is it ok I'm 3 days post-op? Also can I life my grand daughter she's 16 lbs. and Is lying on my side vs... READ MORE

Will my butt implants really soften within the first months? Or at some point? WORRIED

I am really worried, I just got butt implants 200cc, and my glutes feel beyond hard as rocks. My doctor told me butt implants were hard at start and... READ MORE

How long after glute implant surgery can I go back to cardio?

How many weeks post gluteal implant surgery can I go back to the stepmill ? I am 5 weeks out & have just been walking. READ MORE

How long should I wait to get Butt Implants after I had a Brazilian Butt Lift and developed a seroma?

I had a BBL last year (June 2013), When it first developed I went back once a week for three months to get it drained. Now I am going back about every... READ MORE

Which surgery should I do first? Butt implant or thigh lift? (photos)

I want to get a thigh lift (inner and outter/spiral) and butt implant but I'm not sure which one to do first as I want 2 different surgeons. Also,... READ MORE

Horseback riding with oval butt implants?

I'm getting oval butt implants in November and I'm worried I won't be able to ride after? Will they shift? And how long until I can get back into it?... READ MORE

Gluteal implants. What would my downtime be? How long before I'm able to sit on my butt?

If I opt for butt implants and fat grafting what would be my down time and how long do I have to wait before I'm able to sit on my butt? READ MORE

How Long Do Butt Implants Usually Last? What Happens to Them Over Time?

I know that many surgeons say they SHOULD last a lifetime, but how long do they USUALLY last? also, after having them for a long time does the butt... READ MORE

How long after butt implants may I wear high heels? How long is optimal not to take a shower following the procedure?

Hello, How long after Butt implants may I wear high heels?? Are Eurosillicone implants any good?? How long is optimal not to take a shower following... READ MORE

Is there any benefit to wearing compression garment longer than requested?

I have had butt implants, lipo w/ fat transfer and tightening of lower ab muscle. I will be wearing the compression garment 24/7 for two weeks and... READ MORE

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