Subfascial + Butt Implants

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Subfascial Buttock Implants Recovery Time vs Intramuscular?

I have decided that subfascial is my choice as far as placement goes. I have very elastic strong/ non sagging skin and I have been relatively the same... READ MORE

What size butt implants would I need? 5'8 120lbs (Photo)

What size butt implants would I need to get a look similar to the wish pic? & what size would you recommend for my size in general? I'm almost 5'8... READ MORE

Butt implant; Subfascial vs. Intramuscular & shape? (photos)

May need to switch doctors :( My questions, dr.2. told me muscle is like cutting thin paper, how do doctors open up the butt cheek enough to dissect a... READ MORE

Would you be able to see implants if placed subfascial? Can you lift heavy weights (squats) with intramuscular placement?(Photo)

I am 5'4 135. Very active and lift weights regularly. I am considering either 379cc or 434cc round implants with lipo and fat grafting to my hips. I... READ MORE

Male wanting gluteal implants. I don't want it to look fake, protrude when bending over/feeling easily palpable by lover (Photo)

I am a male 5'10 190lbs considering getting butt augmentation, I would like a BBL but was told I did not have enough fat. now I am considering gluteal... READ MORE

How much of problems have the method "subfascial" in gluteoplasty? (photo)

Hello I would like yo look like this girls And ones doctors say that for have such results I can Put it subfacial, is this method bring a lot of... READ MORE

Why would a doctor place a butt implant sub facsia? When is it a good idea?

Ive seen some great looking implants under the facsia, but I can't help but wonder if its going to look terrible in a couple years, since its such a... READ MORE

Butt implants techniques? What is better; subfascial or intramuscular?

For a skinny person who is scared of their implant showing especially looking like just a bump at the top of the butt and works out and is planning to... READ MORE

Buttock Implants: Conflicting Advice on Subfacial vs. Intramuscular Placement?

Consulted 2 plastic surgeons, BOTH experienced in buttock implants. 2 different views on PLACEMENT. Doctor No. 1 suggests INTRAMUSCULAR placement with... READ MORE

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