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Is There a Limit to Implant Size?

Frankly, I don't understand how some of these Video Vixens, like Yaris Sanchez, Miracle Watts, Lola Luv Monroe, or porn actresses or female rappers,... READ MORE

Whats the Right Size for Butt Implants if Im 5'4 and Weight 123?

Im getting butt implants in three months and want to know what would look nice on my body. READ MORE

I Am Getting Butt Implants Wondering What Size and Shape to Get For My Frame?

Hello I am getting butt implants and need help on which size would go with my body.. I am 5'7 and weigh about 125.. Not over weight not underweight. I... READ MORE

Which size and shape would be best for butt implants, round or oval?

If I'm looking to achieve fullness on mid/bottom of my buttock, which shape would best, oval or round? Want a bubble butt but not so high. HELP... READ MORE

I'm 5'8 and 130 lbs. What size implant would you recommend for a Butt Implant? (photos)

I am looking to get a BIG ASS LBDAS something like nicki minaj, coco (ice t wife) yaris sanchez etc. I am 5 8 and weight 13O. I have minimium fat... READ MORE

Which Size and Shape Butt Implants Should I Get? (Photos)

I want to get butt implants. Which size and shape do you suggest I get similar to my wish pic? want a big bubble butt and I want it to stick out READ MORE

Size limitations of buttock implants placed in or under the muscle? I would like 700cc implants.

I have decided to get buttock augmentation using implants as I don't have enough fat to harvest for BBL. I would like to have maximum enhancement but... READ MORE

How do you determine implant size in tall women with broad shoulders? (Photo)

Hello. I am 34 years old mother of two seeking an augmentation. I am 5' 11" and 145 pounds and have received various recommendations for implant size... READ MORE

What Butt Implant Sizes Are There?

I want round butt implants whats the largest size ?? READ MORE

Can someone please show me a round medium silicone butt implant

I feel like a medium butt implant is to small for me. READ MORE

Is 500 cc oval butt implants big enough for me. I want it as big as they can get it. (photo)

What size and shape is best for me? I need a lot of projection I want to do hip hop videos so I need it huge. READ MORE

3 Days Post-op: Will my butt get bigger with time or smaller? (Photos)

After getting butt implants can you walk a lot is it ok I'm 3 days post-op? Also can I life my grand daughter she's 16 lbs. and Is lying on my side vs... READ MORE

How Big Do Buttock Implants Go?

Hi I'd like to know what the largest size (cc) buttock implants go? anywhere in the world for that matter. I'm quite tall at 5'10 and I already have... READ MORE

What size implant should I get? What is the average cost? What is the shot that cut down pain? (photo)

The three photos in a thong is my butt from three different views. The other two photos are my ideal of how I want my butt to look with the implants.... READ MORE

To look like my wish pic, what butt implant size do I need and which areas need lipo? (Photo)

Is any fat grafting needed and what implant shape should i get i also am concern about size i dont want to go to small.can i get lipo on my knees they... READ MORE

My desired booty. Is it round, oval, under muscle? (photo)

I have a flat butt, but cheeky. I want her size and type. Is it round, oval, under muscle? Is there somewhere or a webpage to see types and sizes. I'm... READ MORE

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