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What is the Most Common Butt Implant Used and Its Size?

I want to know what type such as a round type or tear shaped butt implant used? And where on line can I see the shape of in real woman? READ MORE

Buttock Implants: What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Round vs. Anatomical Shaped Implants?

Some doctors swear by ROUND ONLY buttock implants in part because if they move or spin they are less likely to be noticed or look strange. HOWEVER,... READ MORE

Jen Selter's implant shape - oval or round? (Photo)

Can someone tell me what shape of implant have Jen Selter? Oval or round READ MORE

I Am Getting Butt Implants Wondering What Size and Shape to Get For My Frame?

Hello I am getting butt implants and need help on which size would go with my body.. I am 5'7 and weigh about 125.. Not over weight not underweight. I... READ MORE

Which size and shape would be best for butt implants, round or oval?

If I'm looking to achieve fullness on mid/bottom of my buttock, which shape would best, oval or round? Want a bubble butt but not so high. HELP... READ MORE

Shape of Implant That Fills out Side Butt Depression?

What shape/Size of butt implant to use in order to fill out those lateral buttocks depression? I'm interested in oval shaped, with a wide base, but I... READ MORE

Which Size and Shape Butt Implants Should I Get? (Photos)

I want to get butt implants. Which size and shape do you suggest I get similar to my wish pic? want a big bubble butt and I want it to stick out READ MORE

What is the better buttock implant shape? (Photo)

My Dr wants to use oval implant which I agreed to but now I am questioning whether I want round implants instead. I want to be as wide as possible on... READ MORE

High buttock implants, will they settle to look fully round or stay like that? (photos)

Hi, It's been 4 days since I got my implants they are 300cc round intramuscular. Will they settle to look fully round or stay like that? I love the... READ MORE

What Butt Implant shape do I need to add curve to my lower hips? (photo)

I want hourglass shape! I want curves! Is it possible to get an implant that will be positioned on the side of the butt or Like this two lines. / \ In... READ MORE

What shape (round/oval) and size of butt implants do you recommend for me? (photo)

I am looking into getting butt implants but I need help choosing the right shape. What would look better on me, Round or Oval? If possible, how many... READ MORE

Is 500 cc oval butt implants big enough for me. I want it as big as they can get it. (photo)

What size and shape is best for me? I need a lot of projection I want to do hip hop videos so I need it huge. READ MORE

Why does my implants look like this? (photo)

I'll be 4 WKS. PO Wednesday. I got my implants placed intramuscular. Oval 300cc. My right implants is higher in location than left implant. My... READ MORE

Looking at the shape of my butt, what implant and size would you recommend I get, oval or round? (photo)

Please let me know what shape implant would you recommend based on my photo . Also size I wanted to get 360cc. Thank you. READ MORE

What implant shape is better for fullness at the top of the butt, oval or round? (Photo)

I am 5'0" tall, and I have a naturally oval shaped butt with more volume at the bottom than top. I want to achieve a round butt with a bubble... READ MORE

I want butt implants. What's the best brand I can ask for?

Im 24 male want to have butt implants or butt augmentation with fat , i want to know what is the best implant brand i can ask for , which country??... READ MORE

Gluteal implants migrating , what is the best solution?

I got gluteal implants year and a half ago. Never being happy with the results , they feel heavy and prohibited me from excercise . Recently I started... READ MORE

Buttock implants. oval or round? (photos)

Hello Doctors, I am 5.5' , 120 lb. My buttock measurements are width 14 cm and height 16 cm. I would like to have buttock implants but I am not sure... READ MORE

What Butt implant shape would you recommend for me? (photos)

Hi.I would like to have more volume in the midle of my buttock.My dr said the probably is better to go with round implant under the musle.Im posting... READ MORE

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