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What is the Recovery Like for Butt Implants?

I woud like to know how long the recovery is or butt implants, and if there are certain things you can and cannot do while your healing. how long do... READ MORE

I'm Interested in Bottom Implants.where Are the Scars Placed??

You kindly answered my question concerning fat injections to bottom area. I now know that is not what I am looking for. I need more of an implant in... READ MORE

Buttock implants scar? How long will it take to heal and fade?

I am planning on getting gluteal implant surgery, I am so looking forward to having a butt with projection and roundness. I'm not so nervous about the... READ MORE

2 weeks post op of Butt Implants, what treatment would you recommend for the scar?

I had butt implants 2 weeks ago. I think its prob a bit too early to use any treatment on them yet, but is there anything I can use in the near future... READ MORE

My butt implant pocket is infected? (photos)

I had butt implants in best clinic in Europe 1,5 month ago.2weeks ago -doctor told me to go to emergency to do blood tests and ultrasound- blood tests... READ MORE

How can I fix my buttock, if it's even fixable. (photos)

I had butt implants and got them remove because they were way too big and uncomfortable to sit on. When I say down I could feel the implant poking up... READ MORE

Will my scar heal on its own, or do I need surgery? (Photo)

I do butt impant 2 weeks ago and the stitches open.i show it by 2 doctors. one of then told me we have to close the wound and the other doctor said... READ MORE

Butt implants: open scar 2 weeks post op! what should I do? (photos)

Hello, I had buttlock implants surgery 2 weeks ago in Paris ( 360cc round &intramuscular. ) The dissolving sutures disappeared a few days ago ( 10... READ MORE

What kind of surgery do you recommend for my butt?

Hi, I was born with no butt. Sounds strange, huh? Wel, my entire life, I have lived with a flat skin butt, with scars, and lots of em. I was born with... READ MORE

Why do my implants sag when I bend over and are so noticeable to the touch? (Photos)

I'm an athletic male, 5'9, 170, early 30s . A few years ago, a specialist in implants placed them in each gluteal fascia, incisions between the... READ MORE

Butt implant thin scar by tail bone. Is it a future problem when old? (photos)

Im a 27 year old with butt implants that I got 2yrs ago. I noticed that my scar on my tail bone is thin. Also I have a couple dents from steroid shots... READ MORE

Can I have my implants replaced again and how long do I wait? (Photo)

One month after getting implants my doctor had to remove them because the wound was not closin from the inside out. He said their was no infection and... READ MORE

Will hot yoga affect my gluteoplasty with implants?

In february i've buttock implants. One of them (right side) presents problems of persistant seroma (2 1/2 months) an my doctor must to reubicate at... READ MORE

18 days post-op, butt implants plus fat grafting. Why did my scar become thick and fleshy? 2 days ago it looked normal. (Photos)

Everything is going perfect i love my result and i have no pain and everything is going better every day. I check my scar every day except for... READ MORE

Will my my scar fade away ? Are there treatments I can't do like laser so that it fades ?

I'm worried if I get two insisions one on each side of the butt cheek will it fade I'm really concern about this and it's really hard to find answer... READ MORE

Is there a procedure that will bring my butt cheeks closer together so my scars will be hidden? (Photo)

I had butt implants and fat transfer back in feb and I am very happy with my results but I'm super self conscious of my incision scars. In certain... READ MORE

Hole in scar 5 months after butt implant surgery. Will I need to have the implants removed? (Photo)

I had butt implant surgery 5 months ago.A small hole began to develop in the scar about ten days ago.Three days ago I sat down and felt the hole pop... READ MORE

I had butt implant 2 weeks ago and has been bleeding for the past 5 days. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had bum implant on the 9/12/2015 and after 10 days of surgery my bum implant has been bleeding some are dirty blood and some are real blood which I... READ MORE

Incision treatment and prescription scar topical cream, gel or ointment? (photos)

Hello, My question is regarding how to best treat the incision from my butt implants, so that the scar ends up being as unnoticeable as possible. I... READ MORE

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