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Butt implants and hip augmentation at same time possible?

I posted a similar question before but it wasnt as clear. Is it possible to get butt implants, and fat graft to my thighs and hips as well. No fat... READ MORE

Could I Get Breast Aug, Lipo, And Butt Implants All At Once?

Is there any way that I could get breast augmentation, buttocks implants, & lipo suction to my hip sides (love handles) all at ones? I know I... READ MORE

Buttock Implant Removal & Fat Transfer?

Can you remove buttock implants and do a fat transfer at the same time? I have had buttock implants done which while swollen and new were great, but... READ MORE

Can I remove old butt implants and replace with new implants in the same operation? (photos)

Two years ago I had butt implants done, but doctor used breast implants. I want to remove them and replace them with the proper implant. I had a... READ MORE

Is a little Lipo included in your practice for buttock implants?

Lipo a seperate surgery or included in Buttock implants surgery. Say a patient has little fat to be removed that would contour the butt nicely but... READ MORE

I would like to get Butt Implants with Fat Grafting and Breast Implants. How long should I wait between surgeries?

I would like to get butt implants with fat grafting & then breast implants. Is there a specific wait time? Can I get them both at the same time? Or... READ MORE

Is There Anyway That I Could Possibly Have Butt Implants and Breast Implants Surgeries Done at Once?

I want to make one single trip to Tijuana from San Diego, I live in the East cost so I'm making to trips. Is there any chance for those two along with... READ MORE

Doctors who are specialized in buttock implants and fat transfer: which one do you recommend? Can both be done at the same time?

I've heard about cases where the fat melts away 1 year after the procedure. How often does this happens? Also, is it possible to have butt implants +... READ MORE

Does the risk of infection increase if butt implants and fat transfer are done at the same time?

I read that Butt implants being done at the same time as fat transfer, increases the risk of infection. Is this true?? READ MORE

I have decided to go for butt implants and fat grafting with the little fat I have. Should I separate the two procedures? (Photo

I am afraid that if I do both fat grafting and butt implants in the same procedure I will have a higher risk of complications and less chance of... READ MORE

Is it safe to do fat grafting to my butt and butt implants at the same time?

I want aggresive lipo on my stomach but read its not recommended if getting butt implants due too laying on belly for recovery. Is this true? READ MORE

Can I get Butt Implants with fat grafting (transfer) to the butt on top?

Do I have to have less fat than a normal bbl patient if I get butt implants and then fat on top of them? How much is the total for these procedures... READ MORE

I had big lumps of fat necrosis that I had mostly removed and put in butt implants at the same time. Is this normal?

I had big lumps of fat nerosis that I had mostly removed and put in butt implants at the same time I'm wondering is it normal to feel pain underneath... READ MORE

What determines the safety of doing a traditional butt lift and butt implants in one operation? (photos)

I feel like I should get a traditional butt lift to remove about 3-4 inches of skin off my lower back and sides to pull up saggy outer thighs and butt... READ MORE

Could I do a butt & hip implant at the same time?

I'm 20 years old & very unhappy with the way I look. I want more backside and hips. I want to look thick... Like nicki Minaj. I'm very petite with not... READ MORE

Can I trust my surgeon that I will be happy with my result? (photos)

I'm looking for a bubble butt and wants to have buttock implants and BBL at the same time. My doctor says that the biggest implants he ever did was... READ MORE

Is it possible to have butt implants removed so I can have a BBL?

I had butt implants put in about 10 years ago. I feel they have moved. I don't like the appearance of them & honestly never did. They are... READ MORE

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