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Is It Easy for a Butt Implant to Rupture?

If you fall down, have sex a certain way, etc, can a butt implant rupture easily? also, is it easy for things to go wrong with such an implant where... READ MORE

How Can Ruptured Butt Implants Be Fixed?

I had butt implants 1 year ago. One of the implants have popped out from under the muscle. I can see and feel a bump. How can this be corrected? Can... READ MORE

What's a better type of implant? Cohesive gel implants or silicone?

Since I'm too small for a BBL, I decided to go with implants. What is the difference between cohesive gel implants that they use in Mexico DR etc and... READ MORE

What is This Pain? Is Removal the Only Solution?

I had butt injections done about three years ago and everything was fine. Recently my boyfriend was poking around my butt area because I guess he felt... READ MORE

Has my silicone butt implant ruptured? I had cohesive silicone butt implants with intramuscular placement last July

I fell while walking down some stairs landing on my left buttock. I am sore but today starting having a "wet" sensation inside the buttock. Now I... READ MORE

Should I be issued a refund for my butt implants surgery? My surgeon said he advised about potential risks.

I had butt implants placed in mexico. I had drains placed and I was draining blood for a month in mexico. The surgeon took the drains out and advised... READ MORE

My PS in Turkey is using breast implants as butt implants. This has been done. I was told some 36 hours after surgery

Have concerns my butt implants are not under makers guarantee - they clarified. My PS said they are fine. I ride. Worried about rupture. PS has... READ MORE

I had buttock implants over 10 years ago. Should I have the ruptured implant replaced?

About 3-4 yrs ago I had to have an endoscopy and the doctor saw that one was ruptured so she reported it to my plastic surgeon. At that time he did... READ MORE

Any risk of implants rupturing/exploding or complications when doing squats/weight lifting?

Considering butt implants with fat grafting. Generally work out 3-4 times a week, any risk of implants rupturing / exploding or complications when... READ MORE

Butt Implant moved? Why is it so painful, there are no signs of rupture according to the MRI result? (photos)

I had a butt implant 5 yrs ago 270cc's I always had a little dimple on the L side after the surgery but I noticed for the last 6 months that this... READ MORE

I have had buttock implants for over 10 years. One had been ruptured for four years. Any suggestions?

My right buttock implant feels as if I have pressure on a nerve and when I feel the outside it feels bruised. It also has a rupture and was proven via... READ MORE

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